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  1. Growing Clematis And Roses Together

    Clematis And Rose Flowers

    From Rhonda Fleming Hayes, a Master Gardener and contributing writer for Nature Hills Nursery.

    The rose is probably the most well-known, well-loved flower in the garden. Clematis

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  2. Our Top 5 Favorite Weigela Shrubs!

    Weigela Blog Header

    Smothered in drifts of trumpet-shaped blooms, Weigela Shrubs come in a wide variety of foliage and flower colors, are easy to grow, and are beneficial

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  3. Trends in Fall Gardening For 2023!

    fall pumpkin

    Fall is upon us and not only is it a great time to plant and add a few of those newest offerings just hitting the market, but it’s also the perfect time to get new garden beds and ideas set up

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  4. All About Deadheading For More Blooms!

    deadheading rose

    Blooms, blooms, and more blooms! Not all plants rebloom, but new cultivars are coming out every day that allows many perennials and shrubs to have a second wave of flowering! Many plants

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  5. Understanding Grafted Plants and Rootstocks

    grated tree

    Many types of today's fruiting and flowering trees and shrubs have been grafted. As are many Shade and Ornamental trees, Evergreens, some Grapes, and some Roses are grafted onto rootstock.

    Why are so many plants grafted, what are the benefits,

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  6. 9 Great Low-Growing Flowering Plants!

    sedum groundcover header

    Low growers, living mulch, ground cover plants! They’re the finishing touches for your garden, fill bare spots, and are in general landscaping must-haves!

    Generally staying under 2 feet tall and growing far wider, ground cover plants and low-growing p

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  7. Caring For Rose Bushes

    Rose bushes produce some of the best formed flowers of the season as the temperatures cool.  Keep deadheading your roses to encourage more flowers right up until the end of the season.

    Some roses (like the hardy rugosa types) do produce attractive

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  8. Pruning Rose Bushes

    Rose Buds

    Pruning rose bushes is an important step in the care of roses. Many gardeners do not understand fully the process of pruning rose bushes. Improper pruning can result in a weak plant, or one that will not bloom fully, if at all. Pruning roses is, despite

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  9. What to Plant for Late Summer Blooms

    women watering plants

    “Nature has many scenes to exhibit and constantly draws a curtain of this part or that. She is constantly repainting the landscape and all surfaces, dressing up some scene for our entertainment.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

    The summer sun and hea

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  10. Top 10 Most Salt-Tolerant Plants

    Rosuga rose on beach

    Here at Nature Hills we often get asked about specific plants for specific locations. Some questions we get frequently are, "What kind of plants do well in salty conditions? What are good salt-tolerant trees, shrubs, perennials and bushes?"


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