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  1. 5 No-Brainer Native Plants For The East

    Eastern Natives Blog

    If you have joined us for our other blogs within our Regional Series, you know the perks, advantages and reasons behind growing native plants or selections of native plants in a landscape

    However, if this is your first rodeo, native plants hold

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  2. 5 No-Brainer Native Plants For The South

    Southern Natives Blog

    Plants that have adapted to the local climate and the conditions of the soil in areas of where they naturally occur are considered to be native. In a gardener's eyes, these plants are a goldmine!

    With several advantages, including easier overall

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  3. Our Spring Blooming Favorites!

    Spring Blooming Dianthus Header Image

    Goodbye winter, so long cold and snow, it's finally time to watch our favorite flowers grow!

    The chirping birds, fresh air, and gorgeous blooming flowers are finally here. And we can’t wait another second to tell you all about our favorite s

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  4. Learn How to Use Fast-Growing Willow Trees

    Willow Trees

    Did you know there are over 400 different kinds of trees and shrubs in the Salix genus?

    We get a lot of calls from our customers looking for Willows to plant in their landscape. Willows are very popular, because they are so fast growing.

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  5. Almost Everything You Need to Know About Privacy Trees and Shrubs

    Privacy Trees And Shrubs

    One of the top questions we get asked is how to use trees and shrubs to get more privacy without making your house and yard look like a fortress.

    There are so many different challenges modern homeowners face, and plants can solve these problems

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