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  1. Top Trends In Using Native Plants In Front Yard Landscapes


    If you’re looking for a sign to redo your garden, to add more plants to your landscape, or anything along those lines, then this is it. We’re telling you to use native plants!

    They have it all: soft beauty, env

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  2. 5 No-Brainer Native Plants For The East

    Eastern Natives Blog

    If you have joined us for our other blogs within our Regional Series, you know the perks, advantages and reasons behind growing native plants or selections of native plants in a landscape

    However, if this is your first rodeo, native plants hold

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  3. 5 No-Brainer Native Plants For The North

    Northern Natives Blog

    Welcome back to our ‘Regional Blog Series!’ We’ve highlighted the top 5 native plants for the South and then those for the West. Well North and Midwest, it is your time to shine!

    Adding native plants to a landscape has been a must for a major

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  4. 5 No-Brainer Native Plants For The South

    Southern Natives Blog

    Plants that have adapted to the local climate and the conditions of the soil in areas of where they naturally occur are considered to be native. In a gardener's eyes, these plants are a goldmine!

    With several advantages, including easier overall

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  5. Best Botanical for Backyard Birds

    Cardinal in Oak Tree

    For centuries before cities and suburbs began to develop, trees and other plants had been supporting local ecosystems’ key wildlife in many different ways. Be it shelter, a meal or even just some shade on a hot day, the abundance of plants on t

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  6. 5 Astonishing Native Plants for the Southeast United States

    Southeast United States

    The Southeast United States is home to some beautiful places to visit. These locations are home some incredible native plants thriving with little recognition.

    Today, we'll talk about five native plants from the Southeast

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  7. Create Beautifully Useful Pollinator Gardens

    Pollinator On Cherry Blossom

    Happy Pollinator Week!

    It’s Pollinator Week, so we have put together a special plant collection of wonderful pollinator-friendly natives and nativars for you. Our h

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  8. 5 Brilliant Native Plants for the Southern Midwest

    Southern Midwest

    With hot, dry summers, the Southern Midwest has some incredible drought tolerant plants that are native to the area that are sure to make your landscape look even more stunning in the hot summer months. Today, we'll talk about five native plants from

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  9. 5 Incredible Native Plants to the Northeastern USA


    The Northeast US is home to many amazing places and sights. It's also home to some amazing native plants.  Today, we'll talk about five native plants suitable for the Northeast US. For this article, we are defining native plants as plants that have be

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  10. 5 No-Brainer Native Plants For The West

    Western Region

    Native plants are a gardener’s favorite as they have naturally adapted to the climate and even the soil conditions of a specific area. This allows them to be easier to care for!

    In our previous ‘Regional Series’ blog post, we highlighted nativ

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