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  1. Pruning & Trimming Apple Trees

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    Apple tree pruning plays an important role in ensuring proper growth and fruit production, increasing fruit size, and increasing tree vigor. And, pruning encourages the tree to grow more during the growing season. Begin from the very first season after

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  2. #ProPlantTips - How to Plant an Apple Tree!

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    There’s nothing more rewarding than growing and harvesting your own fruit. But, before the farm-fresh produce hits the dinner table, and even before the fruit starts developing, you’re going to have to tackle getting your new Apple tree planted and gro

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  3. Magical Weeping Trees & How To Care For Them!


    Nature Hills offers many unique and unusual ornamental trees for your landscape, but none are quite as captivating as a poetic Weeping Tree!

    Gorgeous and expressive throughout all four seasons of the year, these drooping or cascading ornamentals

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  4. Fruit Trees to Plant for a November Harvest

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    The chill is in the air and a few parts of the country are staring down winter. But for many in warm growing zones with mild winters - It’s your time to shine!

    Growing zones 7 are finishing up their harvest season, indoor gardeners and greenhouse g

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  5. Keep Young Trees Straight and Protect From Trunk Damage

    Solutions for young trees, including staking, watering and wrapping!

    We love trees as much as you do! Our team of growers has searched for just the right tree staking system; and love the

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  6. Top 5 Most Fragrant Trees

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    The wafting sweet and fruity fragrances from the petals of trees and shrubs add an extra level of enjoyment to your landscape. It's just one of the unseen, but profoundly felt, finishing touches a well-planned garden strives for! While plants use scent

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  7. Apple Trees You Need in Your Life

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    There’s something so wholesome about walking into your backyard and plucking a juicy homegrown apple from your own tree! The knowledge you grew this yourself, knowing exactly when went into (and onto) your produce, is unlike anything else, and it will c

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  8. Top 5 Best Winter Apples for Storing!


    It’s Apple season! But many Apples with thin skin won’t stick around for long and you’ll be rushing to use up your harvest. So you need good, old-fashioned storing Apples! Plus, once those early and mid-season Apples are done, you will still want a tre

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  9. Anchoring Your True Dwarf Apple Trees

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    Protect Your Crop From Damaging High Winds With These Simple Tips

    Growing fruit trees at home has never been more popular! People are loving the idea of having an abundance of super-fresh, homegrown fruit…even in small space gardens.

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  10. Top 5 Best Apples for Fresh Eating!

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    It’s Apple season! One of the most highly anticipated treats for a gardener is plucking a fresh Apple from your tree that you grew yourself and taking a bite out of it while it's still warm from the sun!

    The last thing you want is for that first b

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