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  1. #ProPlantTips On Planting Bareroot Peonies

    pink peony bush

    Peonies have always been a garden favorite, but bareroot Peonies are a great value and fall is a great time to plant them! Because of this perennial’s magnificent flowers come early spring and early summer, more and more gardeners are adding them to t

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  2. Peony Care After Flowering

    big pink peony close up

    Peonies are amazing herbaceous perennials! After the gorgeous insanely fragrant blooms with their divinely flouncy petals brighten your spring, the lush bushy foliage can create a strong backdrop for your garden and create low hedges all growing season!

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  3. Transplanting and Planting Peonies


    It’s Autumn! The time of year gardeners are scurrying to get their garden beds and plant babies ready for the winter months ahead!

    While you are hurrying to take care of all your

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  4. Top 5 Prettiest Peony Varieties!

    peony bush header

    Peonies have been grown for thousands of years and were in cultivation in China more than 2000 years ago. The Greeks, Japanese, and Emperor Charlemagne, and 15 century English literature, all mentioned or used Peonies for beauty or medical purposes. 

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  5. Fernleaf Peony

    Fernleaf Peony Flowers

    A fernleaf peony is a flower that must be displayed front and center. The flower is a deep red double bloom that emerges early and lasts long. The foliage of a fernleaf peony is very frilly and looks like a fern. The blooms are large, but unlike taller

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  6. Fall Cleanup to Prepare for Winter Garden Interest

    Hat, Gloves, And Shears On Table

    Before your fire up your weed eaters and trimmers and rampage through your yard cutting down and removing everything in sight this fall, stop! Take a step back. It’s time to reconsider your winter clean up protocol. 

    Let’s take a look and chan

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  7. Everything You need to know about Weigelas

    weigela blog header

    Weigela is a very attractive plant when in full bloom. Count on Weigela all year for its lovely, arching form that looks both energetic and elegant. You’ll find a wonderful range of Weigela shrubs for sale at Nature Hills Nursery, a go-to plant shop f

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  8. Time to Divide Spring Perennials!


    It’s Spring! Time to break out that Spring Chore List and start gearing up for the growing season!

    One of these items t

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  9. When to Divide Different Perennials


    Spreading and creeping Perennials and Groundcover plants fill our gardens in lovely color! Sometimes they need some help keeping to their boundaries or preventing overcrowding

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  10. The Victorian Language of Flowers!


    Those Victorians and their elegant ways have worked their magic into nearly every facet of our literature, art, and lives no matter how modern we think we are!

    There’s a simple sophistication and dignity in that time that helps us to relax from o

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