Top 5 Trees to Make Your Neighbors Jealous!

Top 5 Trees to Make Your Neighbors Jealous!

We often get asked about "statement" plants. These are plants that will add some "oomph" to your garden, spice things up, or refresh a tired landscape. Plants that will make your neighbors jealous! To answer that call we dug deep into our plant collection and offer up 5 plants that definitely fit the bill. Check these out and see if you need to plant one of these in your garden this spring to make the neighbors do a double-take.


Lavender Twist

Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud - Redbuds are one of those classic native American plants that never fails to impress every spring. When the deep purple buds pop out along the length of the stems before the leaves start to emerge, it is truly an awe-inspiring site, like hundreds of little ornaments get hung on the tree overnight. Add to that the sheer joy of a weeping tree form and you've got a winning combination!

       Autumn Blaze

Autumn Blaze Red Maple - Maples are fast growing trees that have and keep great form. They are wonderful shade trees and look great by themselves in your yard or in rows lining your drive. Even though they look good all spring and summer, it is in the fall when these beauties will make your neighbors drool. The spring green leaves turn a deep red that is unmatched by any other tree. It can be so bright that it looks backlit by the sun all day. This is consistently a fall show-stopper.

      Mimosa Tree

Mimosa Tree - If you are looking for a tree that grows fast and will be the talk of the neighborhood, you will be thrilled to meet the Mimosa Tree. It grows FAST - like 25 feet tall in 3-5 years! If you can't afford a full grown shade tree, this is the next best thing. But it's not the speed that it grows that will make the neighbors swoon; it is the bountiful silk tassel flowers that come on all spring and summer. This tropical looking plant always makes an impression.

      Tulip Poplar

Tulip Poplar - This is a tree with a real "WOW" factor. It has three distinct seasons of "WOW", too. In the spring it is covered with flowers so that it looks like tulips have sprouted all over the tree. In summer the fresh green leaves provide well-needed shade and in the fall the leaves turn a glowing yellow that might require sunglasses to look at. Tulip Poplars are easy natives to grow, too. This one won't leave you disappointed.


    Royal Empress Tree

Royal Empress Tree  - As fast as the Mimosa Tree grows, it is completely eclipsed by the growth rate of the Royal Empress. This tree can grow 15 FEET in ONE season! It will hit 50' tall in 5 years. What makes it really stand out as a four season attention-getter, though, is that each season brings a new look to the tree; in spring it is covered in purple bell-shaped flowers that smell like a heavenly combo of gardenia and jasmine; in summer the fuzzy leaves the size of your head get the attention; in fall and winter it's the pussy-willow catkins that make your neighbors ask where they can get a tree like this. If you plant this in the right place, you'll have a head-turning garden all year.

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