Top 5 Trees to Make Your Neighbors Jealous!

Top 5 Trees to Make Your Neighbors Jealous!


We often get asked about "statement" plants and specimen trees - anything that will have that high-impact wow factor on your home's curb appeal. There are plants that add some "oomph" to your garden, spice things up, or refresh a tired landscape - and then there are Trees that will make your neighbors completely jealous!

To answer that call for focal point trees, Nature Hills has dug deep into our plant collection and offered up 5 plants that definitely fit the bill!

Check these out and see if you need to plant one of these in your garden this year that will make the neighbors do a double-take!

Check out some of the fantastic Statement Trees at Nature Hills Nursery!

1. Weeping Extraordinaire™ Cherry Tree

weeping extra cherry tree

The Weeping Extraordinaire™ Cherry Tree is a gorgeous cascading ornamental flowering tree with enormous pompoms in the spring plus fall color and dramatic arching stems! Pollinators arrive to enjoy your spring bloom, but then the lush foliage fills in for the remainder of the growing season to enhance the weeping form. Even in the winter, this tree stands out!

  • Gorgeous Double Pink Pompoms
  • Drifts of Spring Blossoms
  • Bronzed New Growth & Red/Burgundy Fall Color
  • Dramatic Single-Stemmed Weeping Form
  • Fantastic in Containers, Specimen Plantings & Garden Décor!
  • Growing Zones 5-8


2. Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud

ruby falls weeping redbud

Another weeping flowering ornamental, the Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud is an early flowering tree with deep purple new foliage that ages green with a burgundy blush. The heart-shaped leaves and early hot pink blooms will catch the eye all year round!

  • Tiny, Weeping Ornamental Tree
  • Sculptural Focal Point
  • Deliciously Deep Purple Leaves Ages to Dark Green
  • Bold Rose-Pink Flowers Cover Downturned Bare Branches in Early Spring
  • Excellent in Small Space Gardens
  • Growing Zones 5-9


3. Jade Butterfly Ginkgo

Jade Butterfly Ginkgo

Small yards can get the wow factor that the Ginkgo biloba has, but without sacrificing any space! The Jade Butterfly Ginkgo packs all the perks of its larger cousins into a 12 - 15 feet tall and just a bit slimmer in width. With fan-shaped leaves, brilliant yellow fall color, and wonderfully low-maintenance form, Ginkgos have been favorites for centuries!

  • Unique Dwarf Ginkgo Tree
  • Fan-Shaped Bright Jade Green Unique Foliage
  • Fruitless/Seedless Male Selection
  • Cold Hardy & Insect/Disease Free
  • Excellent Small Focal Point, Courtyards, Front Entrance & Containers
  • Growing Zones 4-8


4. Waterfall Japanese Maple

Waterfall Japanese Maple

Another weeping tree for those with a bit of shade in their front yard adores the lacy foliage and incredible fall color of the Waterfall Japanese Maple! Small but with a powerful impact on your landscape! The wistful flowing form looks fantastic in the spring, summer, fall, and winter! Even better for yards that have mature trees and some part shade where this tree basks happily, especially for afternoon-shaded sites!

  • Tiny Purple Blooms Provide Nectar for Butterflies and Pollinators
  • Lyrical Weeping Branches
  • Beautiful, Fine-Textured Leaves are Strongly Dissected
  • Foliage Stays Vibrant Bright Green All Season
  • Fiery Gold Fall Color Tipped With Crimson
  • Growing Zones 5-8


5. Topiary Trees

Spartan Juniper Spiral Topiary

Whether you have a large or small property - or live in an apartment or townhome with no yard at all, an expertly trimmed and stylized Topiary tree will set your front stoop, balcony, or front yard planting far apart from the rest! 

Try a pair of unique Dwarf Alberta Spruce Pom Pom Topiaries in a pair of matching decorative pots astride your front steps, or a Spartan Juniper Spiral Topiary as the focal point to a raised garden bed! A Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Castle Wall® Blue Holly Pyramidal Topiary can be decorated in holiday accent pots, and a Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Castle Spire® Blue Holly Tree Form Topiary will make a standout addition to your mailbox accent garden!

Honorable Mentions

citrus tree

Citrus trees like a Kumquat, or Buddah’s Hand feature scented white flowers in the spring, lush broadleaf evergreen foliage all year, and unique edible/ornamental fruit in the fall or winter!

Anything that is contorted and twisted like the Red Dragon Filberts are sure to turn heads. Anything weeping such as the Cascading Hearts Weeping Redbud, Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud, Weeping French Pussy Willow, or a Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar catches everyone's eye! Especially when planted as a focal point front yard garden or raised berm planting!

Or try one of these Off The Beaten Path Trees for your growing zone, any of which are sure to catch the attention of everyone passing your home, just because we’re sure no one else on the block has one!

Fantastic Curb Appeal Is Right This Way!

Set your landscape apart from the rest on the block with fantastic Statement Trees at Nature Hills! We’re sure you’ll have everyone slowing down as they pass your house with one of these unique trees gracing your front yard!

Check out these and other incredible ornamental accents from Nature Hills today and give your landscape an edge!

Happy Planting!

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