Top 3 Garden Trends to Know for 2022

Top 3 Garden Trends to Know for 2022

The new year is here and you must be so excited for everything that 2022 holds! Before you know it, spring will be in full swing and you’ll be enjoying the prime gardening season. 

While you’re reflecting on your new year’s resolutions, now is the perfect time to think about the changes you want to make in your own home and garden. These new plants and gardening techniques may be exactly what you need!

Keep reading for the top 3 garden trends you need to know for 2022. We hope this inspires you to plant a garden worthy of showing off that will bring you daily pride and joy!

Trend 1: Create Dazzling Floral Displays 

Have you heard the rumors that 2022 will be the start of the new roaring 20s? Think lavish parties, trend-setting styles, and most of all, showing off! The 1920s were a time of opulence, and if history does indeed repeat itself, you’ll want to update your garden with showy flowering plants to match!


This widely popular great myrtle line has plants with delicious names like Cotton Candy, Cherry Delight, French Vanilla, and Red Velvet that are brand new to the plant market. 

They make for a stunning garden addition with their bright but delicate blooms. You’ll want to plan your garden to include some of these show stoppers for spring! 

pink cluster of azaleas

What makes them 'great' you may ask? They are hardy to zone 5! Which no other crape myrtle can say! 

Perfecto Mundo Azaleas 

Aka the “Perfect Large Azaleas”. Not only are the flowers MASSIVE, but the range of colors you can find them in makes this plant a great addition for a showy garden. 

The thing is –  these azaleas won’t stop with just one round of blooms, you’ll get new flowers on them from springtime to late summer! 

Trend 2: Growing Your Own Unique Foods 

A home garden that sustains you is nothing new - but having plants that grow things nobody can find in-stores is! Gifts from your home garden will bring delight to your neighbors and friends as they’ll enjoy high quality produce or goods they can only get from you. 

The Cocktail Tree

This little tree is a MUST HAVE for citrus lovers, as you bring edible gardening into the convenience of your home. Add this to your home cocktail bar and use the fruits it produces for pies, drinks and preserves! 

This unique plant comes from an Improved Dwarf Meyer’s Lemon and Mexican Key Lime that are trained to grow together as one. 

Victory Garden 

One of the best things in life is enjoying the taste, fragrance and health benefits of homegrown foods! Victory Gardens fulfill all 3 of those small things. The best part? You do not need an excess of land or flat space to do this, food producing plants can be planted in containers wherever you have the space. With a victory garden, you’ll be the one “winning”.

See our favorite citrus trees that thrive in potted homes here. 

Trend 3: Making your Garden Great For You, and the Environment Too!

Support your local environment every year, but especially in 2022! Environmental issues like climate change, drought, and habitat loss continue to impact both humans and wildlife. Do your part at home by planting with your whole community (human or not) in mind!

Native Plants for Pollinators & Wildlife 

pink bee balm native plantIf you're a lover of bees, butterflies and more then these natives are for you! Planting for pollinators and wildlife will help your own garden ecosystem, and contribute to the health 

What will draw in pollinators to your garden? Perennials like Bee Balm and trees such as Linden or Eastern Redbud will do the trick. 

Your garden will also benefit from being bird friendly. In partnership with the Audubon society, this collection is for those who love birdwatching.  

Download the Smart Plant Home app to see what’s local to your region and where you can get the perfect plants for pollinators!

Water Wise Landscaping With Xeriscape 

Water wise gardening is incredibly important if you live in a zone that gets little to no water! If you’re living in a hot, dry climate and still want an at home garden, Xeriscaping may be the answer for you. Plus, it is quickly becoming a 2022 gardening trend.

What is “Xeriscaping”?  Xeriscaping just means water-wise or water-efficient landscaping. Planting slow-growing, drought tolerant plants helps conserve water and reduce yard trimmings. Conveniently, this can also make your garden lower maintenance!

You can search for Drought Tolerant Trees, Perennials and Shrubs on NatureHills’ website or in the Smart plant home app.

What gardening projects are you most interested in this year?

Happy 2022 gardening! 

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