Tips & Tricks to Help Make Deer Resist Your Plants

Tips & Tricks to Help Make Deer Resist Your Plants


The most important thing to know about deer is that when they are hungry, and food is limited, they may eat just about anything. Please keep in mind that deer tastes change with the season, with the region, and with what is available to them. 

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We hear about it all the time …  a plant that is listed as deer resistant gets damaged by deer browsing on that plant.  What we have learned is that when you plant new plants at your home – and you are in an area that has lots of deer pressure, it is important to let the deer know that your plants do not taste good from the start. 

How do you do that?  First of all, pick plants that are not considered a delicacy to deer (plants that are not preferred by deer).  Next, right after you plant your new plant - spray it with a deer repellent. 

That way, when the deer make their way through your yard on their regular tour and they sample your enticing new plant – the repellent will give it a bad taste and they should not destroy it.

Remember with deer repellents, they will need to be re-applied as time and weather wear off the effectiveness of that bad tasting spray.  Follow the directions on the spray to know when to reapply a “reminder” to those deer that your new plant is not going to taste good to them. 

Good luck with your new plantings.  Happy gardening!

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