The Newest Plants Hitting The Market in 2023!

The Newest Plants Hitting The Market in 2023!

Purple Hydrangeas in yard

Pick a winner! Attention all plant fanatics! Every year there are scores of new plants hitting the market! And 2023 isn’t any different!

Maybe you have seen or read about some of these new favorites? Trade publications and local growers may be promoting some of these new garden additions, but when it comes time to plant – they are always gone!

Box stores only carry the old standbys, but they never seem to get the new plants that are being promoted. Luckily, Nature Hills has many new and exciting plant varieties, the hottest trending color flowers, space-saving dwarf varieties, and the latest reblooming plants in production right now! All waiting to be shipped right to your doorstep!

The Latest 2023 Plants at!

There’s no line and no waiting for these exciting new plant offerings!

Leprechaun™ Arborvitae!

The sweet and petite Leprechaun™ Thuja are a fantastic addition to your landscape. Bright shamrock-green, these mid-sized columnar evergreens stay bright-green year round, without the bronzing many other Thuja display in the winter. Slow-growing and ultra-low-maintenance, these are perfect for containers and landscape privacy hedges alike! The natural pyramidal form tolerates heat and cold throughout USDA growing zones 5 to 8!

EverBloom™ Dianthus!

A GardenChoice™ offering that features overwhelmingly beautiful Garden Pinks that don’t seem to stop blooming all growing season long, the EverBloom™ Dianthus line of plants has the family’s classic Carnation fragrance and semi-evergreen blue-green foliage! You’ll love the colorsLatest 2023 Plants Infographic Nature Hills has for you to choose from!

  • Watermelon Ice - frosty blue-green foliage & long stems of watermelon & pink blooms
  • Plum Glory - big white, plum, violet tri-color blooms & deep blue-green foliage
  • Strawberry Tart - rosy pinks, hot pinks & strawberry blend with lighter eyes!

Enjoy the quarter-sized blooms with toothy petal edges and triple splashes of color with lighter eyes like a bullseye’s for your visiting pollinators!

Moonshadow™ Hibiscus!

The new moscheutos hardy Hibiscus will be your new garden favorite. Early to emerge from dormancy and early to flower, these dark-leaved Hibiscus bloom 3-4 weeks earlier than others on the market! The big tropical blooms have the typical tropical Hibiscus flowers with a smaller mature form! Growing from the roots each spring, these shrubs are root-hardy down to zone 5!

  • Rosita Hibiscus - Big rounded petals in baby pink & red-rose eyes radiate into light pink petals
  • Carmine Hibiscus - Bold deep carmine-red blooms are saturated through and through
  • Morello Hibiscus - Cherry red blooms are deeply saturated with ruffled petal edges

Another GardenChoice™ offering, these are long-lasting blooming plants that add an exotic flair to your landscape from summer until frost! Also featuring dense, compact branching and decreased seed set making them nearly seedless. Moonshadow™ Hibiscus are also highly tolerant and resistant to Japanese Beetles!

Hottest New Succulents!

Chick Charms® line of GIANTS Hardy Succulents is a colorful new line of year-round hardy Hens-n-Chicks (Sempervivum)! Each colorful rosette grows several inches wide and spreads to form dense mats with spilling, trailing and clumping symmetrical bundles of unique charm! Cold hardy down to zone 3 and up to zone 8 outdoors, your garden pots and planters, retaining walls, and Rock Gardens will gain impressive form and color all year long!

Choose from these exciting new color combinations!

  • Emerald Explosion PPAF Hardy Succulent - Burgundy & emerald green rosettes!
  • Copper Canyon PPAF Hardy Succulent - Coppery red & green concentric pointed foliage!
  • Gold Mine PPAF Hardy Succulent - Red & golden yellow rosettes!
  • Glacier Blue PPAF Hardy Succulent - Frosty blue-green & burgundy foliage

Featuring exemplary colors, intriguing symmetrical form and boasting superb cold-hardiness, these easy-to-grow Succulents will add that finishing touch of elegance to your garden's xeric locations without sacrificing space!

Two Fantastic New Hydrangeas!

It’s so difficult to pick just one, so the number one spot on our Newest Plants for 2023 are including both the newest Hydrangea bush options! The Endless Summer® Pop Star® Hydrangea hydrangea

is a gorgeous lacecap Hydrangea that can be either pink or blue depending on your soil's pH. This Bigleaf Hydrangea has the family's big quilted and texted foliage, strong stems for fresh and dried floral arrangements, and extreme cold-hardiness (zones 4-9)! All this in an18-36 inch tall and wide, rounded form!


The other newest Hydrangea is one Nature Hills had a hand in naming! The French Manicure™ Panicle Hydrangea bush is a gorgeous fluffy and flouncy white bloom that ages to a deepening rosy pink as the season progresses! Growing into a rounded 4-5 feet in height and width, these are incredible pollinator and cut flower blooms and are very easy to grow! Thriving in both sun and part shade, these are also very cold-hardy shrubs down to USDA zones 3 through 8.

Jump Into 2023 With!

Don’t wait to start looking for your new favorites and get them bought now before the spring rush when they will be sold out. Our newest plants are always the ones to sell out first! 

Reserve these and many more fantastic new offerings available to bring your landscape into the new year! Check out Nature Hills' shipping schedule and information. Rest assured that we’ll take care of your order at the nursery and ship it out to you at the proper planting time based on your Hardiness Zone! 

We guarantee that every plant we ship is of the finest quality and that your order will be carefully handled and shipped to ensure that you receive a healthy product!

Happy Planting!

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