Spraying Orange Trees

One of the leading problems facing fruit trees is insects and other pests. They will infect the fruit with various diseases and often lay eggs inside. The best way to keep fruit plants free from pests is by spraying them. Spraying fruit trees not only rids them of pests, it may even help protect the fruit trees from diseases and fungus. The first step to spraying fruit trees is to get the proper equipment. Spraying fruit trees requires a sprayer, a garden hose, a mixing tub and the spray itself.

Most fruit tree sprays come in concentrated form, meaning that they will have to be diluted. The amount of dilution necessary will vary from spray to spray. Always read the provided instructions before mixing with water. Once the solution has been mixed with water, spraying fruit trees can begin. Attach the hose to the sprayer, and squeeze the trigger for a second or two. This will allow the mixture to reach the end of the hose. Spraying fruit trees should always be done according to the instructions provided with the spray. Some sprays require a heavier application than others, and this should be understood before spraying fruit trees. Spraying fruit trees is an important step in ensuring a full, healthy crop of fruit. Without a spray, the tree may become diseased, or the fruit can get infested.