Salvia Deadheading Will Reward You!

Salvia Deadheading Will Reward You!

Perennial Salvia are unbeatable when it comes to color, that is for sure.  Most of the selections are in the blue and purple range and put on a show like few other plants can. 

Salvia are tough old plants tolerating drought and have few if any problems.  Really, the only drawback to perennial Salvia is when the first round of blooms is finishing, they can look a bit unkempt.

The remarkable thing to know is that most selections will blow you away with another round of bloom if you take literally a minute to deadhead the old blooms after round one. 

As soon as your purple spikes have finished blooming, the plants sometime open up and look a bit rangy.  Just a few snips with your pruners and in a brief period, just a couple of weeks and you will be looking at a whole new show.

Remember that Salvia flowers are great cut flowers and as you cut the fresh new blooms, you will encourage fresh flowers at the cut soon thereafter.

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