Rose Hips

Rose Hips

Rose hips are the fruits that form on many kinds of rose bushes.  The hips are the fleshy fruits where the seeds are produced.  Rose hips are super high in vitamin C and are used in many kinds of supplements and I am sure you have hear of Rose Hip Tea, jelly or marmelade.

These rose hips were produced on the Rugosa Rose.  When the flowers finish the petals fall off and the fleshy fruit forms and ripens and color ranges from orange, red to deep purple.  As you can see the plants are starting to go dormant and the leaves are turning color and the hips have colored up beautifully.  Some of the rose hips from wild roses are much smaller and less fleshy but very show still.

Rose hips will remain showy all winter long.  Many times rose hips are cut and used in holiday decorations mixed with evergreen branches and  branches from red twigged dogwods where they are cut and stuck into urns or contaienrs at the front entrances homes and businesses for the winter months as they are very perisitent and remain colorful all winter long. 

Cut some rose hips after your plants have had the first frost on them and they will maintain best.  Or leave the rose hips on your plants to enjoy the winter interest they bring.

Try cutting some rose hips and using them in your pots this year before the soil freezes in your pots.  

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