Put Away Your Lawn Rake

Put Away Your Lawn Rake

unraked lawn full of leaves

Here comes our new fall season and with it may come a lot of leaves. 

There is no reason to bag or rake all of those leaves.  Just use your lawn mower to shred them right up on your grass.  The leaves may have moisture in them when they first fall, but a day or two later they are much drier.  Once they are dry, run your lawnmower over your lawn and you can shred those leaves. 

You do not need to use a mulching mower, or even put the mulching shied on the mower shoot, but just let the shredded leaves blow right over the top of your grass.  Continue to mulch those leaves until they are done falling. 

Then, apply a good quality commercial or organic lawn fertilizer at this time of the year.  If you only fertilize your lawn one time of the year, now is that time.  The fertilizer will break down the shredded leaves and add fertility to your grass as well as improve your soil.  Brilliant!

Fall is also the very best time to eliminate weeds in your lawn too.  Whether you use a commercial weed and feed, or perhaps use your favorite organic method of spot treating your lawn for weeds – be sure to do that now!  Next spring you will not see any dandelions or other broadleaved weeds or the seeds they bring with them.

Save time by eliminating raking and removing leaves, improve your soil, while adding some nutrients to your grass at the same time. 

Shredding your leaves this fall is a win-win for sure.  Keep on shredding!

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