Pick your color…

Pick your color…

colorful plants in a nursery

Annuals are a terrific way to put some color in your landscape.  You don’t have to go crazy overboard to really punch up the front of your home. 

Pick plants that work. Select plants that don’t need a lot of fussing with deadheading or have problems with disease or insects.  Annuals planted in the ground will need less watering than the ones in containers as the season progresses.  But in all cases, be consistent with food and water for the best show.

Then, pick your color palate.  What color is going to show up nicely against the color of your home?  Is your home dark brick, earth tones, or white?  Will your plants be in sun or shade?

White and green can be very elegant.  White and blue are a classic combo.  How about white blue and yellow together?  Red and yellow together is very showy and used a lot.   Stick to colors that will complement and show up against the color of your home.

There are not any rules when it comes to adding color, but pick what colors you like.  Then pick the plants that will work based upon that exposure.  And last, be sure to fertilize your annuals as you plant them.  Remember they have been bottle fed in the greenhouse, so they will be hungry once you plant them in the ground.

Deadhead, water, and fertilize for fresh looking annuals all season long.

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