#ProPlantTips: Order your Plants Early!

#ProPlantTips: Order your Plants Early!

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Gardening: Everyone’s New Favorite Hobby

During this whirlwind of a year, did you ever glance outside your windows and realize that your landscaping needed an update? Or get tired of your same old, same old garden layout?

Has Pinterest or Instagam ever inspired you to start growing your own garden? Maybe even you thought of growing your own vegetable garden?

Well, in either situation, you weren’t the only one! This past year, people have had a lot of time to dig into new fun hobbies, such as gardening and landscaping.

These new hobbies led to people buying any and every plant to spruce up their landscaping! 

People were buying plants left and right! Although it is wonderful that everyone was rediscovering their gardens, others did not get their plants in time! But what do you expect after a year like 2020?!

Better late than never, right? Well, that’s not too true when it comes to plant shopping! 

We don’t want anyone to be caught off guard, so this is why we are urging every one of you to buy your plants early from here on out!


Time to Plan(t) Ahead

As you might know, online shopping gets more and more popular every year, especially throughout this past hectic year. So this is why you want to stay ahead of the game and order your plants ASAP!

While everyone was plant shopping last year, the plant industry, it’s supply chains, and the customers were all thrown for a loop. This is why we are here today, to tell you to buy your plants early this year! 

There’s no such thing as too early, especially when you’re shopping for your spring garden!

Growing plants is not like making widgets, so we are not able to simply turn on a machine and make more plants like we can with other things. Garden planning is a lot of work! Between planting, watering, treating and growing the plants, the process becomes rather timely.

The plants that we are selling this upcoming spring, actually started growing about three to four years ago, which is why it's a good idea to order your plants to reserve the upcoming delivery!

Did you know that some of our grafted evergreen trees and specialty crops were actually propagated nearly eight years ago? Yes, you read that correctly! Who would have known in 2013 that sales would boom as greatly as they did in 2020 and 2021. 

This is why plants sometimes sell out quickly, especially since we don’t have a crystal ball to anticipate future sales! 

No matter what type of garden you dream of, Nature Hills has the plants to achieve it!

From perennials, trees, shrubs or maybe you might be looking forward to some vegetable gardening, Nature Hills has it all. But there is a chance that your favorite plants will be selling out this year. 

You may not have a lot of time left! Make sure you know your garden design, and order your plants before the early spring season!

Begin your garden planning now before you miss the opportunity to buy your favorite plants before they are sold out!

No need to visit your local garden center! Let the plants come to you by ordering all your favorites at Nature Hills Nursery! Almost any plant that you can think of is right at your fingertips!


Reasons to Act Fast!

In this past year, considering we had spent a lot more time at home and it was difficult to go to the grocery store, people were trying new hobbies and growing their own edible gardens. 

A variety of delicious fruit trees, as well as small fruits such as blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry plants were a hot seller. 

Fruit plants are more productive during an early planting time, so get your favorite edible plants ordered and shipped now for the best growth possible.

Bare root plants are another type of plant that you want to reserve quickly! Their season is shorter than most and will be shipped to your location during the proper planting time depending on your hardiness zone.

Everyone wants to keep up with the newest and hottest trends - right? Well, new plant trends greatly affect plant sales too, which is why we are urging you to take action today. 

New plant cultivars bring so many new attributes to the table with new color, new form, new variegation, a more compact size, or maybe a new skinny version. 

On the growers end, it takes a while for them to get enough of these new plants in production, making it hard to open the gates with huge numbers of these new, hot selling plants. 

These plants are what our favorite “plant nerds” are always on the lookout for, which also means the limited supply is the first to sell out! 

Plant growers try to stay ahead of the game by planting the favorites to match the demand, but it takes time. Have a first come, first serve mentality to become the trend setter of your town with these breathtaking new plants!

We have all learned to adapt to this unpredictable year and prepare for the unexpected. 

So just when we all may think everything is fine and dandy, Mother Nature may just decide to throw us a curveball with a late frost or hailstorm. Or something unknown may eliminate some of the plants that we have grown, leaving yet again a limited supply. 

There are thousands of what-ifs, but a limited supply of plants. So if you’re wondering when it is a good time to order your plants - the answer is NOW!

Stay ahead of the game and order your plants today at Nature Hills Nursery!

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