Incredible GreatMyrtles™ Cold-Hardy & Earliest Bloom

Incredible GreatMyrtles™ Cold-Hardy & Earliest Bloom

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We're excited about this new line of Crape Myrtles. You will be, too!

Enjoy the brilliant colors of those crinkled "crepe" flowers you love so much! Now reliably stem-hardy to USDA Zone 6, GreatMytles™ start the season of bloom much earlier than other cultivars.

Developed by Rick Grazzini and the GardenGenetics® team; GreatMyrtle™ represents a huge leap forward in desirable, contemporary traits. Staying naturally small without pruning, the flower power of these desirable small shrubs dazzles all season long!

Fully Cold Hardy in Zone 6…Even 5b Gardeners Can Grow Them!

Finally, people that suffer through cold winters can grow a Crape Myrtle that remains reliably stem-hardy to Zone 6. Once plants are established, they are also proven to be root-hardy to survive bitter Zone 5b winters.

This is a groundbreaking accomplishment and will make so many people happy. The team is beyond excited to grow and offer the special GreatMyrtle™ line on our online store.

Rest assured, GreatMyrtle™s go through rigorous testing and trialing process across the country for hardiness:

  • Grow them in the ground as a root-hardy, die-back perennial in Zone 5b
  • This improved line stays strongly compact in Zones 6 - 9

Even gardeners as far north as Zone 4 should try them in seasonal garden containers to flourish all season long. Simply wheel the pot into an unheated garage for a period of winter dormancy with a light monthly watering.

Earliest Crape Myrtle to Bloom in Spring

GreatMytle shrubs pump out a plethora of gorgeous, frilly panicle inflorescences earlier than any other Crape Myrtle available on the market. Be the first one on the block to sport such big, beautiful blooms!

GreatMyrtles™ are petite shrubs that are a natural dwarf, so they fit perfectly in even small space gardens. But they produce full-size blooms that cover the mounded foliage for many months!

Their average height ranges from 24 - 30 inches and so does their average spread.

Count on them to produce an abundance of live material for excellent, long-lasting cut flower arrangements. Or, you can simply leave them to provide nectar for butterflies.

Show off your style with astonishing flowers that feature continuous rebloom. But you'll have to snap yours up quickly!

Our limited inventory of these outstanding, small-scale Crapes will sell out very quickly. When you see GreatMyrtles™ in stock, please move quickly to reserve yours with an online order at!

Style Review: GreatMyrtle™ Color Lineup

GreatMyrtle™ Red Velvet Crape Myrtle Shrub

Red Velvet crape myrtle

Incredible, rich Red Velvet Dwarf Crape Myrtle shrub (Lagerstroemia x 'Red Velvet') is as smooth as it's namesake cake! Luscious, dark pink blooms frost the tops of these hardy small shrubs from late spring through autumn.

Choose this cultivar if you want to add a spicy dash of scintillating color to your landscape. No one (and we mean no one!) can ignore the visual impact of these tall trusses held high above dark foliage on strong stems.

Buy Red Velvet now!

GreatMyrtle™ Cherry Delight Crape Myrtle Shrub

cherry delight crape myrtle

Choose the bright hue of Cherry Delight Dwarf Crape Myrtle shrub (Lagerstroemia x 'Cherry Delight'). They are small, shapely and simply covered with vivid, fluffy panicles held on strong, red stems all summer long!

A compact umbrella-shaped habit and dark foliage only adds to the appeal. Many designers fall hard for the magenta blooms of Cherry Delight…you will, too!

Buy Cherry Delight now!

GreatMyrtle™ Cotton Candy Crape Myrtle Shrub

cotton candy crape myrtle

Pretty in pink and proud of it! You'll never grow tired of the blush pink blooms of this delightful miniature Crape Myrtle. 

Cotton Candy Dwarf Crape Myrtle shrub (Lagerstroemia x 'Cotton Candy') draws people toward it. Get ready for questions on this fantastic modern cultivar!

You'll be treated to soft, feminine blooms from showy buds through large trusses of delightful light pink flower panicle inflorescences. Go ahead and satisfy your sweet tooth with these super small shrubs.

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GreatMyrtle™ French Vanilla Crape Myrtle Shrub

french vanilla crape myrtle

Add eye-catching polish with the crisp, white blooms of French Vanilla Dwarf Crape Myrtle shrub (Lagerstroemia x 'French Vanilla'). This seriously chic selection lives up to its reputation for beautiful blooms all season long.

Remember, GreatMyrtles™ are the earliest bloomers available on the market. They finish strong at the first frost of fall for a handsome display you'll love every year.

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Glamorous Garden Design Ideas With GreatMyrtles™

Hardy Container Gardens

container example crape myrtle

Add an adorable focal point with a GreatMyrtle™ in a long-lived hardy garden container! With strong stems, these rounded Lagerstroemia effortlessly hold up their flowering trusses so your guests can study them.

Why not choose to grow all four colors in a set of matching pots at the corners of your patio. You'll gain an instant collection and an effective conversation starter!

Pop a trio of container-grown GreatMyrtles™ along your balcony railing for a bold "pop" of color. As a happy bonus, you'll appreciate a very lavish privacy screen to entertain without worrying about annoying Peeping Toms.

Foundation Plantings

foundations example crape myrtle

Use GreatMyrtle™ shrubs in a perfectly modern foundation planting. These "pint-sized" flowering shrubs are blooming machines all season long!

Augment a staid row of evergreen shrubs with a new row of GreatMyrtle™s. Alternate between your favorite colors for a lively look, or stick with a single style.

Expand out into your lawn to line your front walk with these lovely plants. Your guests and neighbors will certainly appreciate your good taste.

Low Hedges

low hedges example crape myrtle

How many of you have spent hours trimming down a Myrtle hedge to knee height? Well, these naturally dwarf plants stay small and rounded all by themself without any help from you!

Plant them two feet apart on center; measuring from the center of one to the center of the next. Turn your bland border into a showstopper with a diminutive flowering hedge along the front.


Accent Plantings

accent example crape myrtle

Create a mass planting in a sunny area to bring together your house and garden. Follow the lay of your land for a natural look.

Drift a staggered few rows under mature evergreen trees using an informal approach for the most organic look. Include a single plant on either end of the new garden bed, and double or triple them up in the middle.

Add these pretty poppets into your mixed garden beds. They'll be an excellent companion for many other plants from, including Rose bushes, Perennials and Groundcover Vines.

Let their brilliant blooms paint your garden with vibrant color. You might be surprised how much more spacious a well-appointed garden seems…live large with small-scale GreatMyrtle™ shrubs.

Expert GreatMyrtle™ Care Tips

care tips infographic

These terrific small shrubs grow bushier with just a little tip pruning in early spring. Give them a planting spot in full sun for best flowering…and don't forget the Nature Hills Root Booster for all your trees and shrubs!

No matter which variety of these beauties you choose, each one arrives to your doorstep protected by Plant Sentry™. Free from invasive pests, diseases, and invasive plant status they’ll feel right at home in your garden.

Well-drained soil is important to keep them healthy. Plant them high and pull pine bark mulch over the base of the root ball; avoiding touching the stems directly.

Water on a regular schedule to keep your GreatMyrtle™ stress-free. Touch newly planted bushes an inch down into the soil near the roots to determine if the ground is getting dry.

Baby your Myrtle with praise. Go ahead and allow it to become a plant pet…the star of your plant menagerie!

In Zone 5, they behave like root-hardy perennials. Wait until early spring to trim back the old foliage, so it can work to protect the crown through the winter.

Extra hardy, extra early. You'll cherish GreatMytles in your garden this season…hurry to order yours today!

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