Fresh Greens, Radishes, Cilantro, and Garlic

Fresh Greens, Radishes, Cilantro, and Garlic

fresh radishes in the sunlight

Cool fresh weather, and additional moisture is more common at this time of the year makes it a great time for one more crop.  It is also a great time to assess your garden to see which tomato, squash, bean or radish performed best for you this year.  Make a few notes for spring so you don’t forget which ones you would prefer growing. 

Most people think gardening comes to an end now…but actually there is still some time to use up some of that left over seed from spring planting.  

It is probably too late for beans or onions, but is a GREAT time to sow some salad greens like lettuces, mustard greens, beets for greens and radishes will all appreciate the nice warm soils and cooler temperatures of fall. 

Something we have found works very well is Cilantro.  Direct seed some Cilantro and it will produce some of the nicest and most productive plants that keep on growing way into early winter.  Fall planted Cilantro does not bolt but just keeps making excellent foliage.  If you have a glass bell jar, you can put that over the top of the plants and keep on picking up until Christmas.

Don’t forget FALL IS THE TIME TO PLANT GARLIC CLOVES IN YOUR GARDEN!  Buy your garlic from a farmer’s market, and not the store (as many times the garlic from the store has been treated to prevent it from sprouting).  Separate the garlic into individual cloves and plant them in a sunny location about 4” apart and 2-3” deep (larger cloves a bit deeper).  They will make new roots this fall and freeze up until next spring when they will be one of the first things to begin to grow.

A great time to use up those empty spaces in your garden from early harvested plants.

Warm soils and cool air makes fall is a great time for also planting bulbs, trees & shrubs to get a jump on spring, and watch for our great pricing and shipping specials throughout the fall season.

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