Florist Azaleas Make The Perfect Gift

Florist Azaleas Make The Perfect Gift

red and white azalea

Are you looking for that perfectly unique gift that brings instant joy to a loved one’s holiday season? Our Florist Azaleas are just what you have been searching for!

Whether you are gifting this flower or decide to keep it for yourself, they bring that missing extra holiday cheer nonetheless. Follow along with Nature Hills as we get you prepared for the holiday season!

Quick Rundown Of What Azaleas Are

Many individuals get Azalea flowering shrubs mixed up with the genus Rhododendrons. It’s uncomplicated to know why since they are in the same plant genus! 

But, Azaleas have tubular or funnel-shaped blossoms and only a single flower per stem. Don’t worry, there are many stems though so the plants are completely covered with flowers when in bloom! A simple, yet intriguing design that several gardeners fall instantly in love with. 

They also have 5 stamens compared to the Rhododendrons 10, and thinner, more pliable leaves rather than thicker, more leathery leaves.

There are two divergent types of these specific shrubs: deciduous Azaleas and evergreen Azaleas

Deciduous plants lose their leaves in the fall season, but are generally tougher in colder growing zones. They also like to stretch out above evergreen Azaleas to show off that they can grow taller. If you want strictly tubular shapes, deciduous should be the prime choice.

Evergreens retain all or most of their foliage year-round. They luxuriate and perform well in the warmer growing zones. With petal shapes including: strap-like, star form, and round flowers-- evergreens have a larger variety.

However, these Florist Azaleas are a series of hybrid Azaleas that offer bi-colored double flowers, ruffles and so many more options in color than the outdoor selections. 

Elegant if you ask me and a not-so-much type of Azalea. It simply means they are shipped bud and bloom after being forced to bloom under controlled greenhouse conditions! So, no need to wonder when your Azalea will bloom. 

This means you immediately get to enjoy the wondrous blossoms they have to offer in incredible looking pots, vases, etc.!

Which Potted Azalea Is The Gift For You?

You’ll want to admire these every chance you can get and with so many choices, a person may want them all! And by a person, we mean us. 

So, follow along as we highlight each flower gift in this blog:

Wooden Boxed Gifts

red and white azalea in wooden box

The Reindeer Red Azalea is rumored to shine brighter than Rudolph’s nose with dramatic crimson blooms that ruffle romantically! 

Placed neatly inside a 4 inch modern rustic wooden container, you’ll have yourself a beautiful entryway houseplant or special holiday gift for a loved one. 

Our Making Spirits Bright and Christmas Cheer Azalea (pictured right) bring nothing less than the best holiday spirit to any home! These 4 inch container gifts have a mixture of both pinkish-red AND snowy white flower buds contrasted by the dark green leaves. 

Place these holiday decorated wooden planters, with the flowers inside of course, as a table centerpiece! During holiday get-togethers, they will definitely be the talk of the party. 

all white azalea in wooden box

Need the Christmas Cheer in a bigger pot? We have you covered. Gift the Candy Cane Azalea in a 6 inch planter!

Know someone in need of a white Christmas? Our Snowflake Azalea (pictured left) brings a blizzard of ivory white blooms! When you gift this holiday house plant inside a 4 inch wooden planter to a loved one, you’ll receive more than just gratitude. 

They can place it anywhere they would like too! Bring freshness to the bathroom vanity, add life to the fireplace display or let it comfort you in the living room. 

Azalea Wreath

What says ‘Merry Christmas’ more than Santa Claus on December 25th? A Candy Cane Azalea Wreath! Now, you can really decorate every inch of your home with these flower gifts and better yet, no one else will have them to steal your thunder. 

This innovative holiday wreath will arrive in full bloom softly tucked into a rustic wooden planter. The red and white trumpet-shaped flowers make a real statement for all to see. Plus, it makes for a great holiday gift item! 

Even long past the flowers, this wreath will remain green as ever indoors! Who said it only had to be a holiday decoration?

Azalea Topiary

Deck the halls with unique and festive decor this holiday season! Our Candy Cane Azalea Topiary is far beyond the boring poinsettias and mistletoes. azalea on stem in wooden box

Now, have the perfect blend of red and white azalea blooms atop a sophisticated and elegant braided stem! Imagine the look on your mom’s face when this lovely gift shows up on her front door. She’ll want one in every room.

It’s almost as if you’re growing a miniature tree in the comfort of a home. How cool is that to show off every chance you get at holiday get-togethers?

The 6 inch modern wooden planter even brings in some farmhouse charm! This present offers a festive balance of old charm with new refinement. 

So you’ve come to the decision that Azaleas are thoughtful gifts that would easily make someone special’s day?  Fantastic, us too! 

Year after year, these gifts keep on giving as new blossoms spread their wings to show off vibrant colors. 

Everyday Azaleas offer various colors and forms to select from! Therefore, you can mix n’ match, correlate or even color coordinate them with the rest of your home. Blush, crimson, ivory; you name it!

Even choose the look of the stem as they range from short and boxed to tall and braided.

A quick snatch of a view here and there over the weeks will remind the lucky individual of their gift-giver. Most likely will even produce a smile or two following the thought.

When the flowers begin to fade for a small rest before next year, the deep green foliage will remain strong, healthy, and handsome to continue on the visually appealing aura. 

Just one of many positives from growing gift Azaleas!

#ProPlantTips On Growing Azaleas

It’s essential to your plant gift that it gets the proper care or maybe you’ve decided to keep this pretty Azalea for yourself to embask in its beauty. We are right there with you! So how do you keep it alive?

Since these unique Azalea specimens grow in in decorative pots, no need to worry about the outdoors. In fact, if you plant them in an Azalea garden outside, they unfortunately may not thrive.

First, find the prime sunny location inside your home where the Azalea can kindly greet guests as well as get the indirect full sun light exposure it needs. Along with being placed in a nice, cool room away from any major cold drafts. 

Second, let’s nail the proper watering tactics for your flower gift. They enjoy moist potting soils so that they are never thirsty.

The nursery pots your flower gift will show up in will have drainage holes, which is exactly what you're looking for when it comes to watering. 

How does one tell if their Azalea needs water? Easy! The finger soil test has you stick one whole finger into the soil. If it’s dry to touch, add water. 

Our best recommendation is to water the gift EVERY day. Now that may seem like a lot, but what can we say? Azalea gifts are thirsty plants.

If you forget about watering for a day, it’ll begin to wilt. But, don’t give up that soon. Give it a good soak and it will most likely perk back up again. Flowers and everything!

However, leaving your Azalea unattended for even a couple of days may result in drying that is beyond recovery. You will quickly learn how fast these flowers need water, so once you get that routine down you will know how often you may need to add more water.

Third, pruning can be put to use or put on the backburner if needed. Azaleas grow well with little to no pruning

If you do decide to prune, make sure it happens directly after they are finished blooming. You don’t want to chop off the new buds forming for the next flowering season!

It’s as easy as 1 2 3. These steps will have you a breathtaking flower gift either in the comfort of your own home or with a loved one!

Happy Azalea gift growing!

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