Everything You need to know about Weigelas

Everything You need to know about Weigelas

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Weigela is a very attractive plant when in full bloom. Count on Weigela all year for its lovely, arching form that looks both energetic and elegant. You’ll find a wonderful range of Weigela shrubs for sale at Nature Hills Nursery, a go-to plant shop for home gardeners and commercial landscaping pros alike.

Give Weigela shrubs enough space to reach their mature spread. A full, natural Weigela has an exuberant, frolicking good nature.

Weigela is a high-performance shrub. The long-lasting flower show brings a bright pop of happy color in full sun and partial shade.

Long, wide-mouthed, tube-shaped flower corollas adorn the length of the arched branches. The blooms are held in cute inflorescent clusters called corymbs.

Many Weigela bushes bloom from May to June, but this genus has seen exciting improvements in worthy plant attributes. The green industry's plant scientists have been hard at work to develop Weigela's many worthy attributes.

Weigela Florida shrubs have always been graceful, bushy plants with enormous numbers of flowers. Well, big improvements have been made over the last few decades in terms of foliage, size, color and repeat blooming.

Dynamic Red Prince Weigela is where the modern Weigela craze really started taking off. This low-maintenance, now-classic shrub is loaded with brilliant red flowers for many weeks.

Flowering Weigela Bushes Also Boast Glossy, Colorful Foliage


Pretty, petite, narrowly ovate leaves are held in tiered clusters along the branches. They are usually green and lustrous with a noteworthy mid-rib for texture.

My Monet weigelas

But some Weigela plants have very attractive foliage. This welcome trait allows this plant to be used as a focal point in the landscape.

Small spaces need dwarf Weigela shrubs that stay trim and compact. Dwarf Weigela varieties include mini Weigelas like the My Monet series that stay quite small but offer a fabulous foliage show. Here are the highlights of this dwarf Weigela bush:

  • Exquisite dwarf My Monet Weigela features creamy white margins. They'll turn strawberry pink in full sun.
  • Soft tones of dwarf My Monet Purple Effect Weigela include green, purple and white. The blooms are a range of hues from plum purple to mauve pink.
  • The golden glowing foliage of My Monet Sunset Weigela turns a fiery red in fall. This versatile, multi-seasonal dwarf Weigela can be used in groundcover mass plantings and in containers.

Don't miss out on the latest cultivars brought to market by our esteemed plant breeding program partners. You will definitely want to come back and shop our plant eye candy regularly.

As America's largest online plant nursery, Nature Hills Nursery sells a deep catalog of cultivars in the Weigela varieties. Check out the vast scope of Weigela for sale now!

Love Color? Add Trustworthy Weigela for an Easy Landscape

Find your favorite Weigela varieties on our website. Various Weigela cultivars produce flower colors of yellow, red, pink, and lavender — to list a few. Sonic Bloom Weigela

When Weigela reaches their peak bloom in late spring and early summer, they are incredibly vivid. Take your pick from white, pink and very dark red, or perhaps Weigela purple flowers would bring you the most joy.

Weigelas even come in a bold black and white option. Sophisticated Tuxedo Weigela makes an impeccable backdrop for other flowering shrubs and perennials from Nature Hills Nursery.

Sonic Bloom Reblooming Weigela features bright pink blooms through the growing season.

Hummingbirds Love Weigela Bushes

Flowering varieties of Weigela bushes abound. These Asian natives explode in spring with long blooms, perfectly suited to the long or curved beaks of hummingbirds.

Electric, eye-catching flowers act as a clarion call for butterflies and beneficial pollinators. Tubular Weigela flowers are especially attractive to bring hummingbirds to your garden. hummingbirds collage

Flowering Weigela shrubs are very hardy and have few pests to contend with. They’re incredibly tolerant of urban settings and urban pollution.

Weigela is a great choice to include in roof gardens. You'll make people more aware of the project with a showy pair of Wine & Roses Weigela on either side of the entrance of community gardens.

Hummingbirds are drawn to the tubular flowers. The best Weigela for attracting hummingbirds is especially those in shades of red and pink.

Soft, pink-flowering Minuet Weigela makes a lovely sight on your patio. Use them as a thriller plant in large outdoor pots flanking either side of your front door.

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Design Tips for Weigela Shrubs

Weigela plants can be used as an accent, border, hedge, foundation plantings and for mass plantings! They’re ideal pollinator and cottage garden accents, stand-out specimens and container darlings! With a wide range of sizes and colors, even foliage color options available, you’ll find a place in every garden bed for these versatile and cheerful blossoms!

Have Fun Finding Ways to Accent Your Home With Weigela

Use a single Weigela as a decorative living fountain near your patio or as a cute lawn planting. Add a pretty ring of landscape block around it, and mulch the center to amplify the visual impact it will make. Design collage of weigelas

Pop a mini-Weigela into a tall urn or container to add a burst of color by your entry, or stand a pair of sentries in pots to highlight the entrance to a path or back garden gate. Elevating their bright color closer to eye level brings dimension to your landscape!

What to Plant with Weigela in a Border

Weigela adds a flowing, arched form all year-long. The blooms bridge the gap between your Iris, Peonies and your Bee Balm

Versatile Weigela Hedges and Mass Plantings

Use our largest Weigela shrubs as a wonderfully friendly fence along your property line. Weave it into your border as a pretty backdrop.

Weigela becomes a very effective mass planting. You'll cover bare ground with intense color in a short amount of time.

They make for fantastic facer shrubs, adding bright blooms and rich foliage to hide the bare leggy stems of larger/older shrubs and trees, filling in gaps with color!

#ProPlantTips: Planting and Care for Weigela

graphic of planting tips for weigelas


Weigela plants grow best in full sun to light shade areas for the best blooming and rich foliage color. Weigela shade positions result in a looser form and reduced flowering; they need at least four hours of sun.


Plant them at least 6 feet away from buildings. They love good air circulation, and it's nice to watch the breeze play through the pretty, arching branches.

Plant Weigela bushes in well-drained soil. Dig your hole twice as wide as the root system, but no deeper.

Place your Weigela in the hole, along with Nature Hills Root Booster. This symbiotic formula never stops protecting the tiny feeder roots.

Press the backfill soil around the plant, then water it very well. Check your new plant regularly for dry soil. Weigela bushes grow best with a moderate amount of supplemental water.

Weigela bush transplanting is blissfully easy while the plants are young. Afterward, head back the growth evenly to allow your Weigela shrub time to develop its root system.

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Pruning & Mulch

Top-dress your Weigela plant with a three-inch layer of wood chip mulch. Then pull it back so it doesn't touch the stems directly.

Although cold-hardy Red Prince Weigela is rated to zone 3 and zone 4, there is usually some annual dieback. Trim back any winter damage early in spring, but wait to do major pruning until the flowers are finished.

That's because Weigela is a deciduous shrub that blooms on old wood from the year before. Wait to prune or shape your shrub until after the blooms have passed.

Mature size Weigela flowering shrubs will need periodic renewal pruning every few years. Simply cut out the thickest, oldest stems right out at ground level, leaving the thin stems to bloom prolifically.


Apply a blooming plant fertilizer in spring, according to the label. Please keep lawn fertilizers away from flowering Weigela plants because the high nitrogen will discourage blooms and only encourage green growth. Select a slow-release formula designed for flowering shrubs.

Fall in Love With Weigela!

Weigela is a relatively small genus with about 10 to 12 species. However, there are more than 180 cultivars to choose from. Order your plants at any time of the year. We’ll reserve your selection to ship when planting is right in your area.

Even beginning gardeners have great luck with our Weigela shrubs. Add them to container gardens, porches and balconies, so you can keep them close. Start a hummingbird garden or pollinator garden! Brighten garden beds and borders with every color and size you can imagine! Repeat them throughout your yard to tie the whole look together. 

Check out the collection of Weigela plants for sale at Nature Hills Nursery, and place your order today!

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