Clematis Vine Varieties That are Perfect for Shady Areas

Clematis Vine Varieties That are Perfect for Shady Areas

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Clematis vines are great additions to the landscape as a flowering vine, but there are so many different varieties to choose! No need to fret if you have a shady area; some varieties will flourish in shade. Whether you're trying to grow the vine up a trellis or around your mailbox, here are six clematis vines to plant in that shady location.



Clematis Avant Garde - Clematis 'Evipo033' shop clematis avant garde   For a plant that adds a surprising pink punch to your yard, consider using Avant Garde. It can reach heights of up to 10 feet tall in perfect conditions, and is often covered with two-tone pink flowers up to two inches across, reminiscent of dahlia blooms. Thriving in zones 4-9, Avant Garde will be sure to make any shady spot pop with color.

  Clematis My Angel - Clematis 'Engelina'  shop clematis my angel   Boasting the traditional 4-petaled shape clematis is known for, My Angel is a stunning vine. It's purple-tinted vine sports 1 ½ inch flowers in the summer that are yellow on the inside and red on the outside. As the seeds start to develop, they form a fluffy seed head. Ideal for zones 4-8 and best grown with a support system, My Angel will cover any structure in one season, even in the shade.

    Clematis 'Patricia Ann Fretwell' Clematis Patricia Ann Fretwell Blooms   Patricia Ann Fretwell is a clematis variety that is incredibly unique: not only is it a double flower, but it also blooms twice in one year! In May, Patricia Ann Fretwell blooms on the old wood, and then come September, it blooms again. Its blooms are nothing short of extraordinary either. The outer petals are reddish pink that fade at the edges. The inner petals are barely pink but have a dark pink stripe in the center. They are nothing short of extraordinary. Best grown in zones 4-9, Patricia Ann Fretwell is a clematis you need to have in your yard.  

Clematis Petite Faucon - Clematis 'Evisix' Clematis Petit Faucon Multiple Blooms   One of the more petite clematis on this list, Petite Faucon's size should not be cause for concern. With four purple petals that twist, the flowers bloom twice a year, once in May on old wood, and once in August on new wood. With the flowering as wide-spread as it is, there is an incredible contrast between the purple flowers and the white fluffy seed-heads you can enjoy all season long. Known to thrive in zones 3-9, this clematis needs a support trellis, but will quickly cover it and be the star of the show.

Clematis Ville de Lyon - Clematis 'Ville de Lyon' Clematis Ville De Lyon Many Blooms   Red flowers will call attention to any plant in the landscape, and Ville de Lyon is no different. Red flowers reaching up to 6 inches in diameter bloom in spring, and then rebloom in late summer, providing a bright pop of color to an otherwise tired landscape. Even though a trellis is essential for best results, Ville de Lyon will be sure to please, especially in zones 4-9.



  Clematis Vyvyan Pennel - Clematis 'Vyvyan Pennel' Clematis Vyvyan Pannell Multiple Blooms   Given the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Merit, Vyvyan Pennel is a show-stopper of a vine. 8 inch double purple blooms in May give way to smaller violet flowers in August.  Even though it requires a trellis system to support it, Vyvyan Pennel will thrive in zones 4-9 without a problem, even in shady locations.





Any of these clematises will add that pop of color you're searching for, even in the shady spots. Don't delay in purchasing one ! You won't regret the brilliant colors and growth habits of these vines.


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