Japanese Maple Tree

Best Trees For the Front Yard!

Your front yard is the place where your guests and neighbors make their first impression about your house, so having a tree in the front yard that makes a statement is essential. Having a tree with large leaves and little to no fruit or seeds dropping makes yard clean-ups much easier, but there's no need to sacrifice the beauty of trees for something utilitarian. Consider some of these trees for that perfect front-yard pop that is sure to make a statement all year round.

Bloodgood Japanese MapleBloodgood Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum
Red foliage is one of those aspects that turns heads and always stands out, regardless of season. Bloodgood Japanese Maple has that stunning red foliage, not only in the fall, but also in the spring and summer. Because it only grows 15 to 20 feet in height and width, it is a perfect tree to include in your front yard. It won't overshadow everything, and you'll be able to look out your window and enjoy the purple-red foliage and delicate branches year-round. Since it is more tolerant of (and even prefers) part-shade environments, you can put it in places where other trees may not thrive as well, including closer to your house. Planting a Bloodgood Japanese Maple with other green-foliage plants will really help it to pop and turn heads.

Chaste TreeChaste Tree - Vitex agnus-castus
Blue is not a color that is easily found in flowers, and it's even more challenging in trees. But the Chaste Tree will provide those blue flowers in a season when it seems like everything is only green - summer. With a maximum size of 15-25 feet in any given direction, this tree is sure to provide your front yard with some summer color. When it is not blooming, enjoy the grey-green foliage and in the winter, the beautiful branch structure. Tolerant of less-than-perfect environments, the Chaste Tree is a tree that is sure to please all year round, and make your house the most noticeable on the block!

Weeping CherryWeeping Cherry  Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula Plena Rosea'
Cherries are known for their beautiful flowers in the spring, and this tree is no exception. In addition to the flowers, this tree's branches cascade toward the ground, creating an exceptional and interesting sight. Growing to approximately 25 feet at full maturity, a weeping cherry will be sure to be the talk of the neighborhood. As an added bonus, the weeping branches create a space that is perfect for a playhouse as they mature and get close to sweeping the ground. Enjoy the distinctive form of this tree throughout the year.


All of these trees bring a bit of character to your front yard. From purple foliage in the spring and summer to flowers in a brilliant blue to branches that sweep the ground, there is sure to be a tree perfect for your front yard. Enjoy the beauty these trees provide, and be sure to be the talk of the neighborhood!  

Best Trees For the Backyard!

Having trees in your backyard not only shade your house, but also provide a space for playing and relaxing on hot summer days. Consider using these trees in your backyard for a shady, enjoyable environment, even in the heat of summer.

  Brandywine Maple TreeBrandywine Maple - Acer rubrum

Most people think of maples and think of the seeds that pile up and clog gutters.  Brandywine maple is a tree with only male flowers in the spring, meaning there are  no pesky seeds to clean up. In addition, Brandywine maple turns gorgeous reddish purple in the fall, providing you with color that can't be found anywhere else. With a mature size of 25 feet tall by 15 feet wide, it is the perfect size for a backyard where you want some shade but don't want the entire yard engulfed by a tree.

Royal Empress TreeRoyal Empress Tree - Paulownia elongata

Many times, it takes trees quite a while before reaching their mature size. Royal Empress Tree is an exception to this. With a rapid growth that is unrivaled by any other tree, (12 to 15 feet in a single year!) Royal Empress Tree is a tree that will shade your yard quickly. Reaching at least 40 feet in the air, and 30 feet in spread in under 4 years, this tree will provide you with deep shade that will make the hot summer months tolerable. Use this tree without any concern for invading, as this species will not spread throughout your yard. Winter highlights the fuzzy flower buds, and in the spring, the lavender flowers cover the tree, filling the air with their sweet scent.

  Shumard Oak TreeShumard Oak - Quercus shumardii

Oak trees not only make great shade trees, but also provide wildlife with plenty of habitat. Shumard oak is a spectacular oak tree, because of it's stature (up to 90 feet tall and 60 feet wide at maturity), and it's fall color. Unlike most oaks, Shumard oak turns a brilliant red in the fall, rivaling the maples and other trees. The acorns reach up to an inch in size, making them perfect for wildlife and for young imaginations. Use this tree in an area where you want a tree that is large and hardy, as Shumard oak is sure to live up to both of those statements.   While these trees all would look beautiful in both your front and back yards, these trees will make a stellar addition to your backyard, especially in an area where you want some shade without major cleanup when the leaves fall. In addition to the great color and shade, there are plenty of opportunities for imaginative minds to find unique adventures in the canopy. Consider using one of these trees in your backyard landscape and enjoy the unique benefits they provide.