Apricots Are Underrated (And Here’s Why)

Apricots Are Underrated (And Here’s Why)

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Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m really craving an apricot right now!”? It’s rare, we’ll admit it. However, we think they deserve the spotlight as they are unique, delectable, and certainly underrated! We know for a fact that those who do eat apricots, LOVE them--you should too!

This awesome fruit has been around for thousands of years. They originated in China during 2000 B.C. Quickly, they traveled to every continent except Antarctica (we feel bad for the penguins, they’d probably enjoy apricots).

This tasty fruit grows on beautiful trees that start to bloom in early spring. The flowers on the trees range from white to pinks, making a gorgeous welcome for the spring and summer growing seasons. The apricots themselves usually appear during the summer months, being a refreshing, healthy snack during those hot days.

There are dozens of apricot varieties! The popular ones being:

All their trees have different climates and needs so everyone can enjoy having their own to grow.

They have the same qualities as other fan-favorite fruits! They have golden skin ranging from more yellow to orange. The sun reflects on their skin, causing a red blush. A few types of apricots get red dots speckled all over their sunkissed side.

Their skin is velvety and delicate. And like a peach, there is a subtle “suture” that runs down the side of the apricot. To add to their cuteness, they are usually a small fruit. Many people enjoy eating this brightly colored fruit multiple at a time.

The taste of an apricot is fun and unique! It has a mouthwatering sweet and tart flavor--some say it’s like a cross between a peach and plum. They’re filled with just the right amount of juice, as it is not too much or too little!

Other than the taste being amazing, the health benefits never end. They are a great source of vitamin A and C. The calorie count is low too, making them a harmless snack during the day! There is no saturated fat, which is even better! 

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Apricots in the Kitchen

Of course, when apricots are pulled right off all the fruit trees, the fresh flavor is hard to beat. They’re to die for when fresh! Put them in a salad for a sweet kick, or serve them with all kinds of fruits (They’ll be the star of the show, though)!

Eating dried apricots is also popular! These become a golden brown color unless treated with sulfur dioxide, which then turns them bright orange. They are great for an afternoon energy boost! They are rich in fiber, iron, potassium, along with still being a great source of vitamin A and C.

Cooking and baking with apricots adds a wonderful flavor you didn’t think was possible. Here are our 5 favorite foods made with this underrated fruit. The overall taste will wow you!

Crisp Apricot Bars

Talk about a dessert everyone will unexpectedly love! Fresh apricots are mixed with cinnamon sugar and brown sugar, then laid between the tasty streusel crust. They store very well, making it the perfect snack that will last a few weeks!

Apricot Cobbler

Cobblers are known for being a comforting and delicious dessert. The mix of cinnamon and nutmeg flavors combined with the fresh apricots create a whirlwind of amazing flavor. Top it with whipped cream and you have a masterpiece!

Grilled Maple-Butter Apricots

This is the perfect topping for ice cream! Simply grill the apricots and apply the syrupy mixture as they cook. Butter, Vanilla, and Maple Syrup is a fantastic, sweet flavor to pair with cold, refreshing ice cream. 

Apricot Pie

You can’t go wrong with putting fruit in a pie. Lightly doused with cinnamon, the apricot filling is the perfect sweet tooth recovery. This pie isn’t overpoweringly sweet for your taste buds, which means you can add ice cream with no guilt!

Apricot Chicken

Apricots are used in multiple ways in this sweet and savory meal. Apricot sauce is cooked with the chicken. Then, add chopped apricots to make an inviting plate of food! Pair it with green beans for an extremely healthy, tasty, and colorful meal!

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Should I Grow An Apricot Tree, and Which One?

Of course! Life is simply better with a fruit tree in your backyard. There are many different kinds of apricot trees, and one of them is perfect for you!

They all love locations with full sun! However, depending on the certain tree, the zones they can grow in differ. We’ll look at a few different options.

The Royal Apricot Tree

Royal Apricot hanging in treeThe Royal Apricot Tree (Prunus armeniaca ‘Blenheim Royal’) is calling your name! This tree might as well have a crown on top.

It has beautiful green foliage starting in early spring to fall. During the spring, it displays small white flowers speckled across the tree that later get replaced by the Royal Apricot.

This tree is perfect for those in growing zones 7-10. Plant your apricot trees in the sun! They love the sun. In addition, they have a low chilling requirement of 400 or fewer chill hours.

Another added bonus of this royal tree is that it’s self-pollinating (it even produces larger crops when you have more than one variety).

They produce fruit and they ripen during mid-June--a perfect time to have a refreshing snack! This is an easier fruit tree, as it is very adaptable to different soil types and moisture levels.

If you’re in the right growing zone and don’t want too much work (other than pruning and watering), this is the tree for you!

The Chinese Apricot Tree

Chinese Apricots hanging in treeThe Chinese Apricot Tree (Prunus armeniaca ‘Chinese’) is a frost-resistant, beautiful tree. The pink-hued, white flowers are gorgeous with a dark green leaf background. The one offered at Nature Hills is an adorable dwarf tree, being 15-20 feet tall.

This tree is perfect for those in zones 5-9. This is a tough tree, being very frost-resistant.

It requires 700 chill hours to bloom like you’ve never seen before. This is also self-pollinating and if you get more than one variety, it can produce larger crops!

Its fruits have a sweet mild flavor, being one of the world’s favorites. The tree is shaped magically, as they reach upward and canopy over the ground.

This tree is also very adaptable to different soil types and moisture levels. If you want a mystic-looking fruit tree, this one's for you.

The Golden Sweet Apricot Tree

Golden Sweet Apricot TreeThe Golden Sweet Apricot Tree (Prunus x ‘Golden Sweet’) is known for having sweet, flavorful apricots. Its emerald green leaves compliment the golden fruit. It can grow up to 18 feet tall, being a perfect size.

This tree is great for those in growing zones 5-8. Lucky for the crazy climate folks, this tree is frost-resistant. They also require 400-500 chill hours to properly flourish! 

They aren’t picky on soil types, but do love to be watered regularly. This tree is self-pollinating and produces larger crops with another apricot tree!

They produce the tasty fruit later in the season--right in time for the hottest month of the year. Take a relaxer under the shade of this beautiful tree. If you’re looking for a magnificent fruit tree to increase your curb appeal, the Golden Sweet is for you.

Take a chance, explore the world of apricots! It will be your favorite fruit, tree, and cooking ingredient!

Learn why Apricots are one of the most underrated fruits and a few of the best ways to use them. You’ll want an Apricot tree of your own after reading!

Happy Planting!

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