Plant Portraits - A Garden On Display!

Plant Portraits - A Garden On Display!

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Green walls are all the rage, and so are DIY and trendy Succulent plants! Nature Hills has combined them all into one amazing do-it-yourself garden you can design in minutes!

Add living greenery to your bedside table, hang as wall decor, spruce up your office desk or decorate a bookshelf with the Instant Wall Planter! Regardless of how much space you have available, these succulent wall planters are incredibly simple and easy! 

Design, Plant & Display!

What Is Included:

what is included in this kitYour Instant Wall Planter is a 5x7-inch frame with a beautiful rustic wood finish. With a deep-set tray of durable plastic, all the hardware to hang or stand it on display is included! Plus two sets of pins to secure the roots into place.

  • 5x7 inch Frame & Rustic Wood Finish
  • 26 Rods in 7” & 5” Lengths
  • Leak Proof Polymer Planter Tray
  • Water Reservoir 
  • Easel Stand & Screws or Convenient Ready to Hang

Additional Needs:

Select your own small succulents and pick up some potting soil. Choose different textures, colors and include a few hanging or drooping specimens for variety and interest! 

  • Select Enough Succulents or Small Plants to Snugly Fill the Frame
  • Cactus & Succulent Potting Soil
  • Spanish or Sheet Moss if Desired
  • Small Screwdriver for the Easel Installation -or- Drywall Anchors for Hanging
  • Drop Cloth, Scoop or Spoon & Gloves, Small Brush and/or Rag for Clean-up

    The back of the frame which shows the easel and drip-catcher

Plant it - Pin it - Display it!

Using the screws included, attach the easel stand. Then using the rod provided, attach the dribble-catching water reservoir to the bottom. Keep the other included rods within reach for later. 

Lay your wall planter onto a flat surface protected with a drop cloth for fast clean-up (don’t worry, it’s not that messy).

Arrange your Succulents together on the table, before arranging them into the frame. This allows you to create the look you wish and reduces handling and potential breakage. 

  1. Moisten the potting soil just barely
  2. Add a very small layer of soil at the bottom of your tray
  3. Unpot and begin adding your first layer of succulents, gently spreading roots if needed
  4. Add a very thin layer of soil to barely separate them from the next layer
  5. Continue layering plants and soil until you fill the box and the plants are snug
  6. Tuck additional soil into any pockets or loose areas, packing gently but firmly
  7. Add small tufts of moss into any gaps or holes to finish the look (optional)


Rods going into the back of the frameLift your frame, keeping it flat, and begin inserting the rods that were set aside into the holes. The holes can be found just beneath the frame itself and allow you to pin the roots firmly into place. Simply push the appropriate rod size completely through into the root systems, (don’t worry you won’t hurt them).

Use a paintbrush or rag to gently clean the foliage of your plants and wipe down the frame. And that’s it, you’ve just created your own do-it-yourself portrait garden!

Display it!

Display your new Instant Wall Planter anywhere there is some bright light! Walls, desks, shelves, even in a sunny protected area outside! Indoors or outdoors, a vertical garden displaying your handiwork is a breath of fresh air! 

Hanging succulent gardens look beautiful tucked among other picture fram

es on the wall. Or display your portrait garden planter box with candles and art on your mantle. Anywhere you choose because there is no worry of mess or water leaking!

Displaying the finished frame on desk using easel

Keeping Your Living Art Happy

It is easy to care for your new planter because succulents are low-maintenance, easy-going plants! Provide them with    plenty of filtered, bright light, but go easy on the water, especially during the dormant season. They only need water every few months in wintertime. 

Water your garden evenly by pouring small amounts into the built-in watering slots at the top, and excess water leaves the bottom, dripping into the reservoir. Or place ice cubes on top, allowing them to melt gradually to consistently water the roots.

During the growing season, increase the watering to once a month on average. However, if you keep your planter outside, be prepared to water several times a week. Once established and settled in, add very small amounts of fertilizer suitable for succulents according to the directions on the bag.


Displaying finished frame on wall hanging

Creating living wall art has never been easier! Let Nature Hills decorate your home and garden with living greenery both indoors and out! Reduce stress, improve home air quality and enjoy gardening even in the dead of winter! And we bet you already know that Instant Wall Planters from will be incredible gifts for the plant-lovers in your life! Call or order online today before they sell out!

Need some tips or are you a visual learner? Watch this great YouTube Video at the bottom of our Instant Wall Planter page to see the assembly process and get some great ideas for plant combinations!

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