8 Perfect Holiday Gifts from NatureHills.com

8 Perfect Holiday Gifts from NatureHills.com

The holidays are approaching quickly! It’s the best time of the year--but it can be pretty stressful, too. Finding a gift for everyone can take a toll on the lovely holiday mood! Not anymore! Nature Hills has you covered with many different holiday gifts. Not only do we love good looking landscapes, we love smiling faces! Surprise your friends and family with unique gifts from Nature Hills.

Trust us--we understand how difficult it can be to pick out the perfect gift during the holiday season! At Nature Hills, we have easy gifts that everyone will love. You don’t need to overthink this time around. We’ve laid out our top 8 gifts for anyone--plant lovers, foodies, and more! 

Our Favorite 8 Gifts for the Holidays

1. Seasonal Savors Holiday Blend Apple Gift Box

apple gift box

This gift box makes gift giving delicious and easy! These tasty apples are beautifully presented in a fun box with easy apple recipes. You can even include a hand-written note from yourself to add a personal flare. This apple gift box includes Cameo Apples, Fuji Apples, Empire Apples, Golden Delicious Apples, and Lady Apples as the small fillers! These apples are fresh-picked and can be shipped directly to your loved one!

2. Amaryllis in Red Snowflake Pot:


This cute, dainty holiday pot holds the wonderful Red Lion Amaryllis. The bulbs are 24/26 cm and grow 12-13 inches in height! The best part is--this plant can be grown in all zones since this is a primarily indoor plant. This flower blooms in the winter, making it the perfect gift for the holidays! Your recipient will get to see a gorgeous flower and be reminded that they’re loved! The pot is also a perfect holiday decor they can use every year.

3. Elite Meat & Cheese Gift Box:

elite meat and cheese gift box

Who doesn’t love meat and cheese? Whoever receives this will love you for the generous gift! This meat and cheese box has 3 pounds of cheese, tasty jam, crackers, summer sausage, 1 package of Pilot Knob Popcorn, and 1 pound of fudge. Need sweet, savory, or both? This box is perfect for just about anyone!

4. Candy Cane Azalea Wreath:

candy cane azalea

Do you have a relative that decorates, decorates, and decorates for Christmas? This is the perfect gift for them! This Azalea Wreath offers cute pinky red and white flowers spiraled around a dark green wreath. This will light up any space and arrive with full blooms and buds to spare!


5. Clear House Terrarium:

clear house terrarium

Who doesn’t love the look of a nice terrarium? Anyone would enjoy this, whether it be in their bedroom, office, cubicle, or kitchen! The possibilities are endless. The style of this terrarium is sleek and natural, providing a wonderful environment for all people. Plus, they’re made out of reclaimed glass and wood! This is a great example of recycling and reusing our locally sourced materials.

6. Paperwhite Gift Kit:

paperwhite gift kit

This cute and easy gift is the perfect answer to your problems! The snowy white petals offered on the Ziva Paperwhite will add a lovely feel to a home or office. The bulbs can grow from 16-20 inch in height. They’re an easy, winter-blooming plant that leaves a refreshing fragrance. Your loved ones will be so thankful they get to call this beautiful flower their own!

7. Douglas Fir Tabletop Christmas Tree:

douglas fir tree

Looking for a Charlie Brown Christmas tree? We got it! This adorable little tree starts off as a great decoration for the holidays! Afterwards, you can plant this fir tree outside and it’ll grow up to 60 feet tall! Surprise your loved one with a real life Christmas tree! How surprised they’ll be when it grows!

8. Le Peppe Wood Fired Pizza Oven:

le peppe wood fired pizza oven

An amazing gift is one of our new products here at Nature Hills: A pizza oven! Your loved ones will be able to use this gift for years and years! They can have family over and cook a fun, interactive meal. This pizza oven offers an extra thick cordierite fire stone, a downdrift air system, and it reaches temperatures as high as 900 degrees! However, the best part is that it’s portable. People can easily bring it camping or to the lake--who wouldn’t want this gifted to them?

Bring on the Holidays!

Now that you have the perfect gifts for all your loved ones, you can enjoy the beautiful season! As you enter the best time of the year, remember to cherish the clean air from the trees, the winter blooming flowers, and, of course, your friends and family.

We have all sorts of trees, bushes and shrubs, flowers, Happy Holidays from all of the Nature Hills team!


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