6 Tips For Gardening With Grow Bags

6 Tips For Gardening With Grow Bags

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Grow bags! Less plastic, easy to carry, and typically made of felt or other non-woven, pressed fabrics that are more ecologically friendly! It’s a transition that just makes sense!

Your next tree, shrub, or perennial, and indeed your bareroot plants, just may well be showing up in something that looks a little different! Don’t worry! Change is a good thing!

Why We Love Love Love Grow Bags!

Why are Nature Hills Nursery and our growers going mad for these new plant containers?

1. Safer Shipping infographic

Well, first of all… plants in Grow Bags ship like marshmallows inside of the box! What could be better than a soft pillowy ball of soil? You get great plants growing in the soil, safely tucked inside of the box, and ship safely anywhere across the country to take the bumps and bruises without issue. Perfection! 

2. Better Roots - No Circling!

Grow Bags can be made of felt-like material, or sometimes a woven plastic-like material. So inside that bag of dirt, the roots grow so beautifully with plenty of air and moisture exchange. Never grow out to the bag's edge and circle around as they can in regular old plastic pots. Instead, those roots stay away from the light and from the outside air by branching behind and creating the most incredible mass of non-circling/strangling roots possible in traditional pots.

Roots grow towards food and water. So that means in a plastic pot they will grow round and round. Then when you plant that plant in the ground - those roots continue to grow round and round and not out in all directions like they are supposed to do. 

3. Better Drainage!

Grow Bags create the most amazing set of roots in the industry that will transplant like a dream! No longer needing to worry about excess water and poor drainage. The plant's roots won’t sit in water should their drainage holes become plugged - because there aren’t any! The excess moisture is wicked and drained away for no rot! 

The grow bags also drain moisture away better and can easily become rehydrated without hydrophobic soil shrinking and letting much-needed moisture just flow on past, completely missing the root system. Water penetrates easier through the soil for more even distribution.

Because nursery plants are watered frequently, there’s no need to worry about rotting roots. Fabric Grow Bags are made of breathable material to increase air circulation - deterring mold and mildew growth.

4. Handles!

Many of these larger plants are arriving with built-in handles! Easily move your plants around as needed. Especially great for container gardeners and those that need to move their plants indoors for the winter or bring them in and out during fickle spring and fall weather to avoid a freeze. 

Or, easily drop them into a container of your choice! Then if you change your mind or style - pull it out and drop it into a new planter! This feature is especially popular with people who travel with their plants - motor home and RV users can easily move their plants around as much as they move around!

It’s a snap!

5. Eco-Friendly!

Grow bags are biodegradable and often made from recycled materials, but remember these bags do need to be removed before planting the root ball in the ground! They can be cut up one side with a box cutter, or if you want to reuse your Grow Bag, you can peel the bag off of the root ball turning it inside out so it can be used again.

Once you are done with your Grow Bag, reuse it! Just like pots and plastic planters, these bags can be reused over and over!

6. Save Space

Clean them, fold them up and store them without taking up lots of space that plastic planters do!

What to Do With Your Grow Bag Plant on Arrival! grow bag

1. Once you receive your delivery from Nature Hills, open it immediately and inspect your plant(s).

2. Upon arrival, plunge the entire root ball in the grow bag underwater in a tub and leave it there until it stops bubbling then take it out and allow the excess water to drain away.

3. Use a boxcutter or sharp knife and slice down the side of the bag and tear the bag from the root ball. (unless a bit of wiggling won’t allow it to slip out on its own.)

4. Inspect those gorgeous roots!

5. Set into the planting hole that is no deeper than the plant is currently planted in its soil from the Grow Bag, but a bit wider. Backfill with native topsoil and Nature Hills Root Booster.

6. Water until it pools, let it soak in, and then water again. Soaking the entire area around the plant as well.

7. Mulch with 3-4 inches of Arborist Bark Chips that cover the entire root system but not piled up against the trunk/stems.

Great Roots & Happy Plants!

You can buy Grow Bags for your own container and in-ground gardening needs right here at Nature Hills! Check out the line of Smart Pot Grow Bag containers for multi-purpose planting! Or go big with the Smart Pot Raised Bed!

Don’t fret next time your plants arrive in something a little different! You’ve just received the newest style of plant container and an incredibly healthy, mature root system! Order plants with confidence from an expert grower that’s embracing everything possible to deliver you the healthiest plants possible - NatureHills.com! 

Happy Planting!

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