5 Must-Have Daylilies For Your Garden!

5 Must-Have Daylilies For Your Garden!

orange daylily

With grassy arching blades and masses of 24-hour blooms, Daylilies (Hemerocallis) are unique perennials with a survivalist skill set that will make an action hero jealous!

Extensive breeding and crossing have brought forth many new diploid, triploid, and tetraploid selections that are hard to beat! These bunching perennials can handle almost anything! Check out the five most popular varieties of Daylilies at Nature Hills that you need for your landscape!

The NatureHills.com Top 5 Daylilies!

pink daylily

While not true Lilies, Perennial Daylilies used to just be orange or yellow, but today offerings have broadened their color and size horizons in many delightful ways! Now there are bold purple and plums, peachy/coral/pinks, light and deep red to burgundy/maroons, and even a couple of white offerings like Ice Carnival and Sunday Gloves!

There are extremely cold-hardy Daylily to those that can handle up to zone 10 heat!

#5 Rainbow Rhythm® Daylilies

Orange Smoothie Daylily

The entire line of Rainbow Rhythm® Daylilies are gorgeous two-tone blooms with ruffled edges. They include the Storm Shelter with its deep plummy purple two-tone blooms with lighter petal edges and yellow throats. Tiger Swirl Daylily features shocking deep yellow blooms with a bold central chevron of deep red on each long curvy petal. Lastly, Orange Smoothie Daylily has broad soft orange cream petals with a darker orange stripe and yellow centers. Each petal has a lovely rippled edge and pink stripe down the center mid-rib!

  • Hardy Selections USDA zones 3-9
  • Up to 2 Feet Wide and 32 Inches Tall
  • Dramatic and Unexpected Color and Form

#4 Primal Scream Daylily

Primal Scream

Photos can’t do this incredibly showy and saturated orange/red bloom with slightly rippled petal edges. Growing over 3 feet tall and spreading about 2 feet wide, the huge 8-9 inch, tangerine orange spider-form flowers made the 2003 Stout Medal Winner.

  • Long Slightly-Rippled Petals
  • Incredibly Shocking Tangerine Orange Color
  • Spider-Form Daylily

#3 Going Bananas Daylily

going bananas

Luscious pale yellow blooms with wide petals and saturated through and through color! The dense green foliage of this sun-lover is hard to notice because of the wave, after wave of repeat blooms!

  • Glowing Saturated Pale Yellow Blooms
  • Highly Adaptable in Containers, WIndowboxes, and Planters
  • Evergreen Foliage in Mild Climates

#2 Purple de Oro Daylily

Stella de Oro

The Stella de Oro was a groundbreaking Daylily variety, now there’s the Purple de Oro! Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 2 to 9, and growing up to 2 feet tall and wide.

  • Exotic Rosy-Purple-Lavender Blooms with Yellow Throat
  • Grows in Harsh Sun and Tolerates Humidity
  • Reblooming Variety Gives Summer Color

#1 Chicago Apache Daylily

Chicago Apache

Deep rich velvety red with a green throat, this perennial is carefree and very resistant to Daylily rust. Heat, cold, drought, salt, and even pollution tolerant - Chicago Apache handles it all!

  • Blooms June through August
  • Rich Velvety Russet Red & Green Throat
  • Dependable Perennial Performs Every Year
  • Very Compact in Size

Honorable Mention:

My personal favorite out of all these Daylily is the Lavender Blue Baby! Ruffled petal edges with two-tone lavender and plum blooms with a green center. These big, broad-petalled blooms look like luscious pinwheels!

Daylilies in the Landscape

Where can Daylilies be used in the garden? Anywhere there is sun and well-drained soil! They’re space-saving, bold, and elegant, some are even scented!

Daylily Landscape

A long-lasting rebloomer, you’ll get months of color from these grassy green fountains of slender strappy foliage! Look for reblooming varieties and know that after the first round of flowers, it is super important to remove the entire flowering stems that just finished right down to the ground. By removing the old blooms and stems, you will encourage new flowering stems to be produced later in summer or fall.

Always remove all foliage to the ground after the plants have been exposed to frost and are dormant to prevent foliage disease to overwinter with the plants.

  • Amazing for Firewise landscapes!
  • Drought-tolerant once established
  • Fine-textured edging and facer plants
  • Drifts and low-growing rows, swaths, and banks
  • Erosion control on hillsides and slopes
  • Containers and planters
  • Mixed Perennial borders, Cottage gardens and general garden use!
  • Pollinator and Cut Flower Gardens
  • Juglone tolerant

Check out everything you need to know about caring for and transplanting your Daylilies to maintain their vigor and longevity!

Did you know that Daylily blooms are edible? Sauté or stuff them and fry them, or sprinkle the petals into a salad! They are a pretty garnish for plating and drinks too!

Dreamy Daylilies!

Must-have garden workhorses, there’s something about the incredible Daylily! Cold-hardy and easy to grow, any Daylily is a gorgeous Daylily! Check out all the fantastic varieties available at Nature Hills!

Happy Planting!

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