Rose Care

  1. Shrub Roses: What Are They & The Top 5 For Your Garden!

    Pretty workhorses, Landscaping Shrub Roses are a category of Rose bushes that are among the hardiest, easiest to grow, and most forgiving Roses around!

    Ideal for all kinds of landscape designs in both the utilitarian and ornamental sense, Shrub

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  2. History of the Rose for National Red Rose Day!


    Welcome to June! Also known as National Rose Month here in the US.

    Established in 1959 to support the idea of making the Rose our national flower! It wasn’t until 1986, that President Ronald Reagan declared the Rose the national flower emblem o

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  3. Floribunda Roses: What Are They & How to Care for Them

    Floribunda Rose Blog HeaderThe gorgeous floriferous Floribunda Rose, prolific and fully petalled, these beloved Rose Garden standards have been a fan favorite for hundreds of years!

    The Floribunda

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  4. Rose Bushes Done Right at Nature Hills!

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    Nature Hills Nursery loves Roses! Our spectacular Rose bush offerings include many styles, sizes, and colorful Rose varieties! But we also focus on ensuring you receive a quality Rose root system from the very start!

    Nature Hills is aligned with

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  5. Snow: Natural Insulation, and its Free

    snow bush

    That fluffy white stuff will be falling over the landscape soon, or perhaps it is already blanketing yours! Don’t grumble much while picking up the shovel this year because that blanket is just that - an insulating layer that protects plants all winter l

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  6. Caring For Tree Roses (And Get Them Ready for Winter)!

    rose tree

    Take everything you love about Roses and raise them to new heights by grafting them upon a strong, sturdy, and straight single-stem trunk, and these already iconic blooming shrubs become something otherworldly!

    But caring for these precious works

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  7. Should You Remove Rose Hips

    closeup rose hips

    Roses are well known for their beauty, long-lasting blooms, and fragrance! Now that Autumn is around the corner - many types of Shrub Roses and

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  8. What Is & Isn't Black Spot Disease (& What to do if It Is!)

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    Roses have long been thought to be fussy and fastidious but in reality, it's just a handful of reasons why old-fashioned Rose bushes earned this reputation! After all, Wild Roses grow and ramble through ditches alongside the road, and many old farmsteads

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  9. Top 5 Most Fragrant Shrubs to Perfume Your Landscape!

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    Add another dimension to your landscape by not just having green and visually appealing plants that serve to beautify your home and garden. Planting shrubs to appeal to the sense of smell is just as important to enhance your enjoyment of your yard as

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  10. Why are Some Roses Fragrant and Others Aren't?

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    “Of all flowers, methinks a rose is best.” – William Shakespeare, The Two Noble Kinsmen

    What do you call a Rose by any other name? What about one that smells divinely? Or one with no smell at all?

    Unless there’s a bee inside, the fir

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