Rose Care

  1. How to Train Climbing Roses

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    Fast-growing, scented, and ruffled Climbing Roses set the stage for a romantic backyard getaway or delightful garden soirée with your friends and loved ones! Start setting the stage in your landscape with the huge selection of Climbing Roses for sale

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  2. Must-Have New Roses for 2022!

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    Opulent new Rose bushes are colorful, fragrant, substantial and so satisfying is one of the Internet's very best places for buying big, beautiful Rose bushes. Our growers are the best in the business!

    Each year,

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  3. Snow: Natural Insulation, and its Free

    Snow on plants in the garden

    It’s only natural for us plant nerds to try growing things that may or may not be perfectly hardy for our climates. Or, maybe it’s a prized perennial or specimen, a favorite Rose, or other plants that would benefit from some additional winter protection?

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  4. #ProPlantTips for Care - Getting Roses Ready for Winter

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    Getting your Roses ready for the long cold winter may seem as daunting as getting a fussy toddler ready for bed to a Rose gardener! Don’t fret, because today’s modern Roses are much easier to care for and with just a bit of planning, your Roses will slu

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  5. Easy Breezey Modern Roses & Rose Garden Recipes for Success!

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    There’s no need to be a master gardener to grow Roses like a pro! Unlike the old-fashioned fussy varieties from ages ago, modern varieties are hardy, adaptable and thrive on neglect. Especially when you select the right variety for your unique climate a

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  6. Top Picks - Delightfully Fragrant Rose Varieties!

    Rose image Top 5 Most Fragrant Roses

    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare

    Rose lovers the world over know that Roses are far more than just beautiful flowers. The scent of roses can transform a drab day into

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  7. When Do I Prune My Roses?

    Roses And Clematis

    In this blog, you'll get expert how-to's on growing the biggest, prettiest roses possible. This really means taking the time to carefully prune your roses each year

    And we'll give you some inspiration, too. Take a look

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  8. Are Roses Hard to Grow?

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    Think only green thumbs can enjoy a rose garden? Think again! Unlike the old-fashioned fussy selections grown decades ago, modern roses are hardy, versatile plants that can thrive on neglect. In fact, roses are much easier to care for than you think,

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  9. Advice For Overwintering Your Roses

    Most people cover their roses for the winter too early.  Wait until your rose plants have been exposed to several killing frosts and some good colder weather to help them go dormant BEFORE covering if winter protection is needed in your area.

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  10. History of the Rose for National Red Rose Day 2016

    shop roses Easy Elegance Paint the Town Rose

    National Red Rose Day is the perfect time to admire the rose for all of its wonderful qualities. This American holiday is celebrated every year on June 12. This is a fitting time of the season because rose bushes

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