#ProPlantTips by Nature Hills Nursery

Read and watch our #ProPlantTips how-to series of articles and videos.

  • How to select certain plants to match your site conditions and read Plant Highlight Facts
  • "Farmer's tricks" for planting tips
  • Pruning techniques for both spring, summer and fall blooming shrubs and trees
  • How to handle common plant diseases
  1. Fall Planting Bulbs Leads to Bright Spring Blooms

    garden full of fall planting bulbs daffodil and tulip

    Are you ready to start planting this fall for gorgeous spring flowers? We definitely are. Unfortunately, we do have to wait j

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  2. The Many Health Benefits of Gardening!

    girl and grandmother gardening together

    Studies show that just 15 - 30 minutes of outdoor activity a day boosts your health in every way! Promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being!

    You may not notice - but you’re using every major muscle group! Plus many other physical factors, both inside and out!

    Gardening for your Body!

    Using han

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  3. Garden Blogs you Should be Following

    Woman reading tablet in the garden

    Ok, besides ours obviously. 

    You can never have enough garden inspiration and often learning from those in your growing zones, and those who have first hand experience designing your own personal dream garden, are exactly who you should look to. 

    We’ve got a lot of information packed into the Nature Hills Garden blog, but if you’re looking for more, we have some suggestions. Blogs we learn things from and others we read for fun to get those insider gardening tips. 

    Notice we’re specifying blogs here. We have a lot of love for the magazines too but they get a category all their own.

    2021 Garden Blogs to Read

     Pretty Pruple Door logo

    1. Pretty Purpl

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  4. Easy Breezey Modern Roses & Rose Garden Recipes for Success!

    Woman Watering roses at sunset

    There’s no need to be a master gardener to grow Roses like a pro! Unlike the old-fashioned fussy varieties from ages ago, modern varieties are hardy, adaptable and thrive on neglect. Especially when you select the right variety for your unique climate and conditions.

    Modern Roses, and a few old fashioned that have stood the test of time, have been bred with hardiness, disease resistance, drought tolerance and the non-stop bloom that modern gardeners have come to expect from their landscaping plants!

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  5. An Easy Plan to Create Your Own Moon Garden!

    Garden filled with glowing white plants in the evening

    Nighttime is a magical and mysterious time. The sun has set and the air cools, and the world just seems just a bit quieter. It’s also a fantastic time to spend in the garden!

    Many night-blooming plants wait until the cooler twilight hours when a whole new world awakens once the sun disappears and the moon shines.

    It’s the perfect excuse to plant a Moon Garden or Night-Flowering Garden! Take time out of your busy day to unwind, meditate and listen to the crickets chirp or watch fireflies blinking in and out of view.

    Here are some great ideas to best start a nighttime garden of your own!

    Moonlight Sonata:

    White and creamy colored blooms or pale yellow flowers all seem to reflect the moon and starlight. While dreamy light blue, pale pink and lavender flowers always seem to glow and radiate in the twilight. So they’re the natural color choices for Moon gardens! Then of course you have so many options in varie

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  6. 12 Design Ideas For Flowering Shrubs Grown In Tree Form

     Hydrangea Tree in botanical garden

    Flowering tree form plants are one of the most affordable plant showstoppers you can add to a landscape for texture, color, and life. Not to mention, they are hit for pollinator benefits! That not only makes them a triple threat but a quintuple threat. (Yes, we made that up!)

    What exactly is a tree form you may ask? It is definitely not a regular tree; they are far too unique for that. Instead, a tree form is created from a specific flowering bush that

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  7. Protect Trees From Deer Damage

    For most newly planted trees, deer are their biggest nightmares. From layers of torn tree bark to several broken branches, deer damage is a common end to smaller trees that have yet to be established. 

    Not to mention, deer can negatively affect the visual appearance of a perfectly planted landscape too. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing bark that has been peeled away from your newly planted trees. 

    However, Nature Hills understands that some gardeners enjoy watching natural wildlife, such as deer, go about a peaceful day in their back or front yard. Which is exactly why this blog will cover how to protect your new trees, while still being able to host a group of deer here and there!


    How To Protect Your New Trees

    Deer damage is usually a common result of males scraping

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  8. Sedum: Your Yard’s Greatest Companion

    Angelina Sedum Groundcover Going Down Stairs

    What is Sedum?

    Not sure what sedum is? We can almost guarantee you’ve seen it in your lifetime!

    Sedum is quite simple to imagine. Picture a

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  9. #ProPlantTips Japanese Maples: Care & Options

    Dating back to the 7th century, Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum) have been a staple to outdoor interests. From their showy winter bark to their firework colored leaves, these trees will leave a lasting impression. 

    There are many different species and hundreds of cultivars that are seen in gardens across the globe today. Each one displaying its own unique personality. We are sure a maple will speak to you, but if not check out the following famous varieties!

    Varieties To Consider:

    • Bloodgood
    • Crimson Queen
    • Emperor
    • Tamukeyama
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  10. Floral Designing for Containers & Arrangements With Style!

    Floral Arrangements #ProPlantTips

    It’s not just bouquets anymore! Basic floral design elements extend themselves into container plant design and landscaping as well! Whether you’re designing a window box, a pretty arrangement for your dining table, or a porch planter, all use the same techniques to have your end result looking stylish!

    The elements of design are the style, thrillers and/or focal points, spillers, fillers, proportion, colors, textures and feel, each have their own place in everything. 

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