#ProPlantTips by Nature Hills Nursery

Read and watch our #ProPlantTips how-to series of articles and videos.

  • How to select certain plants to match your site conditions and read Plant Highlight Facts
  • "Farmer's tricks" for planting tips
  • Pruning techniques for both spring, summer and fall blooming shrubs and trees
  • How to handle common plant diseases
  1. Hybrid Tea Roses: What Are They & How to Care For Them


    Roses take on a larger sense of importance in society. After all, humanity has been growing and cultivating desirable Rose traits like petal count and fragrance for 5,000 years!

    Chinese gardeners developed extensive Rose gardens, while Egyptians

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  2. Protecting You, Your Plants, Your House and The World


    Nature Hills Nursery is committed to ensuring you and your purchase, your home, and the environment are protected every step of the way!

    Nature Hills is working with the 48 states that we ship to, that way we are only shipping plants that comply

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  3. Everything You Need to Know About Growing Euonymus

    Everything You Need to Know About Growing Euonymus Header

    The Euonymus genus spans 150 species of vines, shrubs, and even trees! Here at Nature Hills, we carry a wide variety of Euonymus shrubs and groundcovers for you to choose from!

    Native to Asia, and successfully grown here in North America throughout

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  4. Floribunda Roses: What Are They & How to Care for Them

    Floribunda Rose Blog HeaderThe gorgeous floriferous Floribunda Rose, prolific and fully petalled, these beloved Rose Garden standards have been a fan favorite for hundreds of years!

    The Floribunda

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  5. Rose Bushes Done Right at Nature Hills!

    Blog Header

    Nature Hills Nursery loves Roses! Our spectacular Rose bush offerings include many styles, sizes, and colorful Rose varieties! But we also focus on ensuring you receive a quality Rose root system from the very start!

    Nature Hills is aligned with

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  6. Everything You Need to Know About the Cotoneaster Bush

    Everything You Need to Know About the Cotoneaster Bush Header

    Robust, dense flowering shrubs with bird-friendly berries, the Cotoneaster delivers a world of value and landscape

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  7. Shape-Shifting Euonymus - The Everything Evergreen!


    Need a climbing evergreen? How about a groundcover with year-round greenery? Maybe a low-growing broadleaf evergreen shrub? Well! Does Nature Hills Nursery have the bush for you!

    That’s right! One shrub does all of the above!

    The Climbing E

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  8. Plants That Flavor Drinks & Make Tea!


    Start a Tea Garden with double-purpose plants that flavor drinks and can be infused as healthy and tasty teas!

    Fruit, flowers, leaves, roots, bark, and even the seeds from many plants can make fantastic home-brewed herbal teas, as well as

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  9. Our Top 5 Favorite Weigela Shrubs!

    Weigela Blog Header

    Smothered in drifts of trumpet-shaped blooms, Weigela Shrubs come in a wide variety of foliage and flower colors, are easy to grow, and are beneficial

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  10. Caring for Cara Cara Navel Oranges


    Late November into April are peak harvest times for one of the finest Oranges available!

    The Cara Cara Sweet Orange possesses the most unique flavor

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