Landscape and Garden Design

  1. An Easy Plan to Create Your Own Moon Garden!

    Garden filled with glowing white plants in the evening

    Nighttime is a magical and mysterious time. The sun has set and the air cools, and the world just seems just a bit quieter. It’s also a fantastic time to spend in the garden!

    Many night-blooming plants wait until the cooler twilight hours when a whole new world awakens once the sun disappears and the moon shines.

    It’s the perfect excuse to plant a Moon Garden or Night-Flowering Garden! Take time out of your busy day to unwind, meditate and listen to the crickets chirp or watch fireflies blinking in and out of view.

    Here are some great ideas to best start a nighttime garden of your own!

    Moonlight Sonata:

    White and creamy colored blooms or pale yellow flowers all seem to reflect the moon and starlight. While dreamy light blue, pale pink and lavender flowers always seem to glow and radiate in the twilight. So they’re the natural color choices for Moon gardens! Then of course you have so many options in varie

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  2. 12 Design Ideas For Flowering Shrubs Grown In Tree Form

     Hydrangea Tree in botanical garden

    Flowering tree form plants are one of the most affordable plant showstoppers you can add to a landscape for texture, color, and life. Not to mention, they are hit for pollinator benefits! That not only makes them a triple threat but a quintuple threat. (Yes, we made that up!)

    What exactly is a tree form you may ask? It is definitely not a regular tree; they are far too unique for that. Instead, a tree form is created from a specific flowering bush that

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  3. Pre-Planned Shade Garden Recipes for Success!

    Shady garden filled with green perennials

    Do you have a patch of shade and are not sure what will survive in those tricky conditions? There are so many shade garden plant options these days, and it can be overwhelming just to know where to start!

    Not to fear! Here are some easy garden recipes for you using unique combinations of shade-loving plants that you may not have considered! Get your garden bench or hammock ready because this will become your new favorite respite from the sun and summer heat!

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  4. Sedum: Your Yard’s Greatest Companion

    Angelina Sedum Groundcover Going Down Stairs

    What is Sedum?

    Not sure what sedum is? We can almost guarantee you’ve seen it in your lifetime!

    Sedum is quite simple to imagine. Picture a

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  5. Floral Designing for Containers & Arrangements With Style!

    Floral Arrangements #ProPlantTips

    It’s not just bouquets anymore! Basic floral design elements extend themselves into container plant design and landscaping as well! Whether you’re designing a window box, a pretty arrangement for your dining table, or a porch planter, all use the same techniques to have your end result looking stylish!

    The elements of design are the style, thrillers and/or focal points, spillers, fillers, proportion, colors, textures and feel, each have their own place in everything. 

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  6. First Editions’ Top Pollinating Plants

    Flowering and native plants are normally purchased for their charm and the allure they bring to a garden. But what most people don’t realize, when purchasing, is their real hidden gem--being pollinator friendly!

    Yes, the newly blossomed flower heads will make your front porch patio look exquisite, but they will also offer a source of nectar and pollen for our natural working friends. It’s a dual purpose worth mentioning! 

    And, for one week out of each year, Nature Hills gets to boast endlessly about our pollinator friendly plants!

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  7. 5 Fantastic Shrubs for the Front Yard (and How to Find More)

    Front yard shrubs in a landscape

    What makes a great front yard shrub? Is it the flowers, foliage, growth habit, height, or some combination of all characteristics?

    Before answering this question, you have to ask yourself what exactly you’re looking for in a front yard shrub. If you’ve just moved into a newly built house, you might be starting with a blank canvas but if you’re looking to fill up a particular spot, some shrubs will work better than others.

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  8. 5 No-Brainer Native Plants For The South

    Southern Natives Blog

    Plants that have adapted to the local climate and the conditions of the soil in areas of where they naturally occur are considered to be native. In a gardener's eyes, these plants are a goldmine!

    With several advantages, including easier overall care, native plants are a prime choice when it comes to adding to a landscape. But where does one begin to decide on which native plants to plant?

    We’ve laid out our top 5 native plant picks for the southern region in this blog so the choice is plain and simple! In the south, the average temperature increases substantially, which means plants have to be able to take the heat, quite literally. 

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  9. Best Ferns For Your Home

    Boston Fern In Living Room

    Best Fern For Your Zone InfographicEveryone longs for a plant that's easy to care for, elegant, and versatile in landscaping. You’ll be relieved to know that this picture-perfect plant is usually sitting right before your eyes.

    Ferns will be your new best friend with their capability to add the perfect dash of elegance to your garden, patio, or indoor living area.

    If you take a nature walk, I’m sure you’ll find these plants everywhere. If you’re looking for one, this is your sign to add those natural beauties to your backyard!

    Whether that be in the mix with your shrubs and roses, in containers near your favorite relaxation spot on your porch, or hanging inside your house. These plants are calling your name!

    There are a variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes to pick from and we’re here to fill you in on all their unique details that will have you wanting to order more than just one of these quintessential plants.

    Fill the upcoming years wit

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  10. #ProPlantTips on Preparing a Feast for Your Pollinators!

    Butterfly on an Aster #ProPlantTips

    With the alarming decline of beneficial pollinators, it is vitally important we support their needs as their native food sources dwindle!

    There are many butterfly host plants and nectar resources for adult butterflies, but few folks realize that you also need to support the larvae too! So many plants are host plants to the young caterpillars and where adults prefer to lay their eggs.

    Between the loss of habitat and higher use of pesticides and pollution in the environment, pickings have become slim for these winged lovelies! Caterpillars cannot travel, so bring the food to them!

    While beautifying your own garden, it is easy to have dual-purpose trees and plants!

    Butterflies and their plants

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