Landscape and Garden Design

  1. Top 5 Most Popular Privacy Trees


    We all love privacy! Especially when we’re outside, enjoying our backyard!

    That green seclusion, the cooling shade, and the knowledge that we can sunbathe, splash in the pool, barbecue, and socialize without the neighbors looking, is refreshing!

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  2. 3 Design Ideas for Perennial Planters in Your Landscape

    HeaderKeeping container plants and planters around the porch, patio, and throughout the landscape as an extension of your garden, allows you to expand your yard and explore other opportunities to use a wider variety of plants!

    Read on to learn about

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  3. #ProPlantTips: Using Seed Mixes to Maximize Impact

    Seed Mixture Blog Header

    Introducing custom-blended Seed Mixes to easily create a Prairie or Native garden!

    A fantastic blend of regional wildflowers that grow natively over a wide range, you’ll enjoy their hardiness,

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  4. 5 Astonishing Native Plants for the Southeast United States

    5 Astonishing Native Plants for the Southeast United StatesThe Southeast United States is home to some beautiful places to visit. These locations are home to some incredible native plants thriving with little recognition.

    Today, we'll talk about five native plants from the Southeast United States. Native

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  5. 5 Incredible Native Plants to the Northeastern USA

    5 Incredible Native Plants to the Northeastern USA

    The Northeast US is home to many amazing places and incredible scenery! It's also home to some amazing native plants! Today, we'll talk about five native plants suitable for the Northeastern US.

    Composed of 14 states, the Northeast holds

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  6. How and Why to Mulch Your Plants

    How and Why to Mulch Your Plants Header

    In nature, mulch is any fallen organic material that trees and shrubs naturally drop and, whether by design or by accident, improve their local soil environment for themselves. Composed of discarded leaves, shed bark and needles, small twigs, and anything

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  7. Easy Evergreen Tree Identification Part 1: Pine Trees!


    Need to tell the difference between a Pine and a Fir? How does a Hemlock differ from a Yew? 


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  8. Time to Feed the Hummingbirds

    hummingbird feeder

    As flowers and warm weather begin to creep up from south to north, it brings with it many migratory birds and insects, but none quite so highly anticipated as the jeweled Hummingbird!

    The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird begins migrating north as early

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  9. Getting To Know Tiarella - Spring Blooms Made For The Shade!


    Tiarella cordifolia, more commonly known as Foamflower, Foam Flower, or sometimes called False Miterwort, are herbaceous perennials from the family Saxifragaceae. The same family as Coral Bells (Heuchera) that these unique Perennials resemble. 

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  10. Create a Meditation Garden!

    meditation garden

    Many homeowners focus on beautiful outdoor spaces specifically for entertaining, which may include a pool area, eating, and bar areas set in incredible outdoor kitchens complete with plumbing, cooking, and lighting.

    But what about creating a garden

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