Hosta Care

  1. How to Keep Your Hostas Healthy and Happy!

    Planting Hosta

    If you are like us, you like collecting some of the dizzying arrays of different perennial Hosta plants for your yard. The diversity of size and color is endless and the new cultivars continue to be introduced every year.

    Keep your Hosta collection

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  2. Dividing Hostas

    Hosta Flower

    Dividing hostas is easily achieved. Most home gardeners will propagate their hostas by division. Hosta division should be done when no shoots are growing from the center of the mature clump as this bare area detracts from the appearance of the plant.

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  3. Planting Hostas

    Planting a Hosta

    The process for planting hostas is not much more different than any other plant. The planting hole should be dug at least a foot deep. The width of the hole should be one and a half times the expected mature size of the clump. Check with the nursery or

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