Fruit Tree Care

  1. Best Lemon Trees To Grow Indoors!

    Improved Dwarf Meyer Lemon

    Once you get a taste of homegrown Lemons, you will want to add more of these cool, subtropical broadleaved evergreens to your life! Plus, there are so many Lemon Trees that are ideal for container culture, balcony growing, and indoor houseplants!

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  2. Why & How to Thin Fruit Along With A Video Tutorial!

    A Person Pruning a Tree

    For those of us growing Trees for their fruit are starting to see their flowers become mouthwatering treats at this time, so the thought of removing a single morsel from our tree before it’s ripe and ready seems appalling!

    But Thinning Fruit i

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  3. Caring for Cara Cara Navel Oranges


    Late November into April are peak harvest times for one of the finest Oranges available!

    The Cara Cara Sweet Orange possesses the most unique flavor

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  4. Trees to Plant For Spring Flowers and Fall Fruit!

    spring flowers and fall fruit header

    We always look forward to fragrant, beautiful spring blooms, then wait salivating for juicy fruit to ripen in the fall! The beauty of fruiting plants is that they flower first! Some flowers are massive dramatic displays, while other fruiting trees may

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  5. How to Grow an Apple Tree



    Growing apple trees can be a fun and rewarding experience for the home gardener. Growing apple trees is a relatively easy process, and yields delicious fruit that can be enjoyed by everybody. There are, however, many factors to consider before attempting

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  6. Adapt Your Fruit Tree to Your Home Garden

    large blog header

    The desire to grow fruit right in your own backyard has never been more popular than today! From food sustainability and accessibility reasons to organic lifestyle needs, and from expanding your fruit variety access to micro-homesteading trends, the ability

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  7. Top 5 Best Winter Apples for Storing!


    It’s Apple season! But many Apples with thin skin won’t stick around for long and you’ll be rushing to use up your harvest. So you need good, old-fashioned storing Apples! Plus, once those early and mid-season Apples are done, you will still want a tre

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  8. Top 5 Best Apples for Baking!

    apple pie

    It’s Apple season! One of the most highly anticipated treats for a gardener is using their ripe fruit in their baked goods and showing off around the dessert table!

    Want to impress this coming holiday baking season? You need an Apple that holds i

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  9. What's the Deal With Fig Trees? (And Which You Should Grow?)

    fig tree close up

    Do you love Figs? Forget about paying high prices at the grocery store, especially when it's so easy to grow your own tree!

    Fig leaves are deeply lobed with three or five lobes, which stand in contrast against the tree’s smooth silvery bark. T

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  10. Spring & Fall's Best Blooming Tree: Autumn Blooming Cherry!

    cherry tree

    The gorgeous Flowering Cherry tree is a spring-flowering standard that provides scent, beauty, and fall color and the versatile Autumn Blooming Cherry tree

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