Fruit Tree Care

  1. Fruit Tree Pollination: Does Your Fruit Tree Need a Friend?

    bee pollinating flower

    If you are craving homegrown fruit, there is no time like right now to get started! Turn even a small lot into a productive homestead with help from

    Let's take a closer look at pollination—one of the most important success factors involved in harvesting a crop of f

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  2. Apricots Are Underrated (And Here’s Why)

    Ripe apricots hanging from tree

    Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m really craving an apricot right now!”? It’s rare, we’ll admit it. However, we think they deserve the spotlight as they are unique, delectable, and certainly underrated! We know for a fact that those who do eat apricots, LOVE them--you should too!

    This awesome fruit has been

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  3. Pruning Fruit Trees Creates Better Crops & Healthy Trees!

    Gardener Pruning a Pear Tree

    There are many reasons for pruning fruit trees in the garden. Pruning fruit trees stimulates growth by limiting the number of buds that the tree has to grow. Directing growth, energy and nutrients into the fruiting limbs.

    Pruning trees can improve the structure, plus thinning out the fruit will result in better quality and larger fruit. Not to mention keeping your trees looking attractive!

    Fruit tree pruning can be dwarfing and may be used to control the size

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  4. #ProPlantTips on Planting Fruit Trees

    Planting a Fruit Tree

    There’s nothing more rewarding than growing and harvesting your own fruit. But, before the farm-fresh produce hits the dinner table, and even before the fruit starts developing, you’re going to have to tackle the daunting task of planting your young fruit tree. 

    There are some fairly easy steps you can follow in order to plant fruit trees successfully. 

    It really is that easy! But knowing the ins and outs of eac

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  5. Roundup of the Hottest New Blueberries

    Girl Eating Blueberries

    Extra extra! Read all about the hottest, newest varieties of blueberries here at Nature Hills. 

    Before you elect to decide that these small blue bundles of joy aren’t your forte, read below and don’t miss a beat in your fruit garden!

    Wait, There Is More Than One Type Of Blueberry?

    Yes! In fact, there are about 5 types that hold the status of most common in the fruit world. Those include Lowbush, Northern Highbush, Southern Highbush, Rabbiteye, and Half-High!

    So now your question is most likely along the lines of  “Which type do I want?” No need to fret, we’ve got it lined out simple for you. 


    The Lowbush variety is basically the cousin at family gatherings that no one knows the name of or how they are related to you. But when you get t

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  6. Best Fruit Trees for Your Colder Climate

    Fruit Tree

    Growing fruit from home opens up a brand new world of possibilities. Pies, jams and a variety of health benefits are only seasons away! However, potential growers need to make sure their fruit producers can survive long enough to bear fruit first! 

    Colder climates can be rough on many fruit trees and bushes, resulting in diminishing harvests from damage done over the winter. Fortunately, many fruit trees aren’t limited to warmer climates alone. There is a variety of fruit trees that can handle heavy cold while also producing fresh fruit before the cold kills the product. 

    Growing fruit in a cold climate can be hard, but Nature Hills has you covered. Within this blog are a few examples that can handle the cold nights and winters of USDA zones 3 and 4. 

    How Cold is Your Climate?

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  7. How To Grow Blueberries In Containers

    Picking Blueberries

    Did you know that growing blueberries in containers is one of the easiest ways to expand your edible garden without using valuable backyard real estate? That’s right! With a little preparation and patience, you can be enjoying delicious, farm-fresh, berries straight from the bush, no matter how much space you have!

    Blueberries are notorious for their vitamin C and E packed fruit and have become a widely popular addition to backyards everywhere! However, you absolutely must make sure you’re setting yourself up for success and picking bushes that are best for your area.

    The wrong kind of blueberry bush can leave you wondering why you aren’t getting much fruit, or why it doesn’t fare as well in the colder months.

    Best Blueberry Bushes for Your Area

    If your fortunate enough to live in a warmer region that doesn’t get long, frigid, winters, you might

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  8. Pie, Tart, Sour or Sweet Cherry? What’s the difference?

    Picking Cherries Off Of Tree

    It’s the age-old question, what’s the difference between all these cherry tree varieties? Ok, so maybe it’s not considered an age-old question, but it’s certainly one many ask and for good reason.

    Cherry trees are beloved across the world. Partly because of their beautiful blossoms and partly their scrumptious fruit. Picking a few off of the backyard tree makes the perfect snack for warm summer days lounging on the patio.

    However, you’ll want to make sure you’ve picked the best cherry tree for the job at hand. Will you be snacking right off the tree or are you hoping to bake a county fair award-winning pie? The answer will determine which variety you want.

    I Want a Pie Cherry Tree for my Cherry Pie Filling

    Ok, great! Pies are superb and cherries are certainly a key ingredient in desserts in general. You’re looking to get your hands on some sour cherry trees. They’re quite tart when taken right off the tree but absolutely

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  9. Care Tips for Citrus Trees in Pots

    Citrus Tree in Pot

    Just getting started? Read our Selection Guide for the best Citrus varieties for container culture.

    Already ordered your new Improved Dwarf Meyer Lemons, Bearss Limes or Calamondin Oranges? Congrats!

    Let's get started early to prepare for the arrival of your new tree.

    Finding a Suitable Pot or Fabric Grow Bag

    Making good choices about containers doesn't have to be expensive. People are getting really creative in their Victory Garden designs. Go fancy if you can, or "cheap out" if you need to.

    Either way, the fruit will still taste great!

    Trees grow happily in plastic or terra cotta, but you need to look for a tall, skinny design. The deeper, the better,

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  10. Grow Lemons in Pots: Victory Garden Selection Guide

    Lemon Tree In Pot

    Join the Victory Garden movement! It seems like everyone is adding fruiting trees and plants to their landscape, no matter how large or small. After all, one of the best things in life to enjoy the taste, fragrance and health benefits of homegrown fruit.

    There is also something very satisfying about the feeling of being prepared. People all across the country are realizing how fulfilling it is to grow food for themselves, family and friends.

    Beyond sowing the seeds of a vegetable garden, why not add Citrus trees in your Victory Garden design? Growing your own lemons, limes, oranges and other Citrus varieties save you a lot of money over the long haul.

    You will get your Vitamin C, and a lovely plant to enjoy year-round. It doesn’t take much room to grow super-fresh fruit in your living space. Gain access to these “nutrient powerhouses” by gr

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