Fruit Tree Care

  1. Growing & Caring for Pomegranate Trees

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    Juicy jewel-like nuggets nestled inside a tough leathery exterior, the Pomegranate tree and its antioxidant-rich fruit brighten both your garden and your diet! Bold red, orange or yellow flowers and lovely fine-textured foliage, Pomegranates are ornamental

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  2. Fruit Trees to Plant for a September Harvest

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    The end of summer isn’t a time to be sorry! While the warm temperatures are fleeting and cooler temperatures approaching, many fruit trees and plants are just now gearing up for the harvest month! Many of us are looking forward to the cool nights, hoodie w

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  3. #ProPlantTips - How to Plant an Apple Tree!

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    There’s nothing more rewarding than growing and harvesting your own fruit. But, before the farm-fresh produce hits the dinner table, and even before the fruit starts developing, you’re going to have to tackle getting your new Apple tree planted and gro

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  4. When Should I Harvest My Apples?

    You no doubt have been staring at those green round nuggets swaying in a canopy of green leaves all summer, just itching to try one as soon as it develops that first sign of a blush! While a few types of Apples are ready early in the season others are

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  5. Fruit Trees to Plant for an August Harvest

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    The last days of summer for many parts of the country, August can be a mix of hot summer-like days and cool nights. Cicadas and grasshoppers buzz, butterflies and bees are in full swing, and many of your flowers have taken a break from blooming in the

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  6. Guide to Pruning Your Apricot Tree!

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    Apricot trees are highly underrated as far as both fruit and ornamental flowering trees! But these trees offer gorgeous spring and summer flowers, lush emerald leaves, and deliciously healthy fruit. Add one to your property today and enjoy all the

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  7. Fruit Tree Fertilization

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    Great plants grow best in healthy garden soil. After all, plants need nutrients and trace elements for robust root growth, healthy foliage and abundant flowers. Throw in fruit as well and your trees and shrubs need extra water and bonus nutrients!

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  8. Pruning & Trimming Apple Trees

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    Apple tree pruning plays an important role in ensuring proper growth and fruit production, increasing fruit size, and increasing tree vigor. And, pruning encourages the tree to grow more during the growing season. Begin from the very first season after

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  9. What Fruit Trees to Plant for a July Harvest!

    Large Banner of Fruit Tree carries so many fruit trees that ripen in the hot month of July! Go beyond the watermelon for tasty, hydrating and cooling summer treats! Here are a few trees, regardless of growing zone, that has a reliable mid-season harvest to keep

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  10. When Will My Fruit Be Ready to Harvest?

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    This time of year in warmer climates, you may be already harvesting some fruit and vegetables from the garden! Those of us in cooler climates are still waiting with bated breath for those Strawberries to ripen, but maybe enjoying the first salads and

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