Fruit Tree Care

  1. Top 5 Best Winter Apples for Storing!


    It’s Apple season! But many Apples with thin skin won’t stick around for long and you’ll be rushing to use up your harvest. So you need good, old-fashioned storing Apples! Plus, once those early and mid-season Apples are done, you will still want a tre

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  2. Top 5 Best Apples for Baking!

    apple pie

    It’s Apple season! One of the most highly anticipated treats for a gardener is using their ripe fruit in their baked goods and showing off around the dessert table!

    Want to impress this coming holiday baking season? You need an Apple that holds i

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  3. What's the Deal With Fig Trees? (And Which You Should Grow?)

    fig tree close up

    Do you love Figs? Forget about paying high prices at the grocery store, especially when it's so easy to grow your own tree!

    Fig leaves are deeply lobed with three or five lobes, which stand in contrast against the tree’s smooth silvery bark. T

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  4. Spring & Fall's Best Blooming Tree: Autumn Blooming Cherry!

    cherry tree

    The gorgeous Flowering Cherry tree is a spring-flowering standard that provides scent, beauty, and fall color and the versatile Autumn Blooming Cherry tree

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  5. The Best Fruit Trees for Hot Climates!

    fruit tree

    Growing fruit trees at home opens up a whole new world of possibilities for food sustainability and expanding fresh food access right in

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  6. How Do You Select and Plant a Fruit Tree?

    fruit tree

    Wherever you live, the basic rules for selecting and planting a fruit trees are similar. First and foremost is selecting the right variety for where you live. Many varieties of fruit are widely adaptable like the Santa Rosa Plum. But the question is:

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  7. Pie, Tart, Sour or Sweet Cherry? What’s the difference?

    Picking Cherries Off Of Tree

    It’s the age-old question, what’s the difference between all these cherry tree varieties? Ok, so maybe it’s not considered an age-old question, but it’s certainly one many ask and for good reason.

    Cherry trees are beloved across the world. Partly

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  8. The Methley Plum, One of Nature's Best

    Close-up plum tree

    In the world of Plums, there are hundreds if not thousands of varieties worldwide that are available for the home gardener. All have their own distinct characteristics - but none so distinguished as the Methley Plum. This variety has it all. A juicy sweet

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  9. Pruning a Peach Tree: When and How to Prune a Peach Tree (and Nectarine Trees too!)

    peaches in trees header

    Do you grow your own Peaches or Nectarines at home? If not you should give them a try. They are an easy and (pardon the pun) fruitful tree to grow. Peach

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  10. How to Prune Cherry Trees for Best Fruit Production!

    Two Cherry Trees

    One of the primary problems faced by gardeners when growing Cherry Trees is that they do not understand how to prune them properly. Pruning Cherry Trees plays an important role in ensuring proper growth and fruit production.

    Before growing one,

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