Clematis Care

  1. Dividing Clematis

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    Big unearthly blooms, unique color and form, and elegant climbing tendrils, Clematis have captured our hearts with their stunning beauty since they

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  2. #ProPlantTips: How to Grow & Train Clematis

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    Gorgeous, unearthly blooms, Clematis are vining flowering perennials that become smothered in colorful unusual blossoms and are reliable vertical ornamentals!

    So easy to grow, so beautiful, and so very useful in the landscape. Both deciduous and

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  3. Clematis Vine Varieties That are Perfect for Shady Areas

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    Clematis vines are great additions to the landscape as a flowering vine, but there are so many different varieties to choose! No need to fret if you have a shady area; some varieties will flourish in shade. Whether

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  4. Growing Clematis

    Growing Clematis

    Growing a clematis vine is a fun and easy activity for any gardener. Clematis are relatively easy to care for, if the proper conditions

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  5. Clematis Pruning

    Pruning Clematis

    Clematis Plant pruning is the most important factor when considering how and when a clematis will bloom. Pruning clematis improperly will never kill the plant, however it will likely delay the bloom. Not pruning the plant at all will allow

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