Citrus Tree Care

The Nature Hills experts show you how to care for Citrus Trees planted in the ground. You'll also get advice on Citrus Trees grown in containers and moved indoors for winter in cold weather zones.
  1. Caring for Cara Cara Navel Oranges


    Late November into April are peak harvest times for one of the finest Oranges available!

    The Cara Cara Sweet Orange possesses the most unique flavor

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  2. The Era of the Mandarin

    large blog header

    Recognized for its superior qualities in China since the 3rd century AD, the era of the Mandarin tree began

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  3. Fruit Trees to Plant for a September Harvest

    large header 9-6-22

    The end of summer isn’t a time to be sorry! While the warm temperatures are fleeting and cooler temperatures approaching, many fruit trees and plants are just now gearing up for the harvest month! Many of us are looking forward to the cool nights, hoodie w

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  4. Understanding Container Citrus Tree Fertilization

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    Understanding the best way to care for your containerized Citrus Tree is essential to enjoying the lushest evergreen foliage, the most fragrant white blossoms, and of course, enjoying the juiciest, most flavorful fruit! Whether indoors or out, fertilizing

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  5. Can You Grow Citrus in Cold Regions?

    Lemon tree indoors in a pot near a window

    Those of us who live in a colder climate often find ourselves viewing plants that are just far off dreams. We’re like the kid in the candy store who sits staring at a chocolate bar until the mom caves and says you can have it.

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  6. Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Keep Indoor Plants Healthy

    LED Grow Light on Plants

    Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are a huge boon for both ambient room lights and for growing plants indoors. LED light fixtures are extremely efficient and wind up saving you some serious money over their lifetime.

    Baby your indoor plants with

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  7. Care Tips for Citrus Trees in Pots

    Citrus Tree in Pot

    Just getting started? Read our Selection Guide for the best Citrus varieties for container culture.

    Already ordered your new Improved

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  8. Grow Lemons in Pots: Victory Garden Selection Guide

    Lemon Tree In Pot

    Join the Victory Garden movement! It seems like everyone is adding fruiting trees and plants to their landscape, no matter how large or small. After all, one of the best things in life to enjoy the taste, fragrance and health benefits of homegrown

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  9. Solutions for the Top 6 Diseases and Pests of Home Grown Citrus

    Rat Damaged Pixie Mandarin

    Growing Citrus trees at home is such a rewarding experience. Your family and friends will delight in the fragrance and taste of healthy, home grown fruit.

    However, to be successful requires that you monitor your plants for signs of pests

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  10. Bringing Citrus Trees Indoors

    orange tree inside for the winter

    Watch our "Fruit Whisperer", as Ed Laivo, one of America's top fruit tree experts, answers Jill Winger's question on how to best care for her new Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree during the winter.

    Planting, Managing Pests, Making the Move, Fertilizing

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