Arborvitae Tree Care

  1. Best Trees & Shrubs That Keep Their Leaves All Year

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    “Good nature could winter foresee when she made the Evergreen Tree.” - Pepper Blair

    Sometimes it is easy to get sick and tired of the brown or

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  2. #ProPlantTips - Arborvitae Hedge vs Fence?

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    Need some definition in your life? Privacy can range from castle walls to wispy, see-through screens. You can always go with the standard chain link fence, maybe upgrade to a white picket or expensive privacy fence and rock walls are crazy expensive and

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  3. #ProPlantTips: Arborvitaes

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    The Thuja family has long been a beloved landscaping staple when it comes to creating structures within the garden. Arborvitaes create a classic look while offering functional peace of mind through organization and presentation.

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  4. Learn More About Arborvitae, the Tree of Life

    Garden Design Ideas for Using Arborvitae in the Landscape

    Natural grown Arborvitae provide a soft, elegant, fine textured look as they gain in size each year.  Classic use of Arborvitae is for screening out unsightly views, and for blocking

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  5. Pruning Arborvitae

    Pruned Arborvitae

    Pruning arborvitae trees is an important part of the maintenance process. Many of the species of arborvitae trees will not need any pruning, as they will maintain a natural

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  6. Arborvitae Growth Rate

    Close up Green Russian Arborvitae Microbiota decussata Stalks


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  7. Transplanting Arborvitae

    Arborvitae Cuttings

    Transplanting arborvitae is a fairly straightforward process. It is very similar to the act of transplanting most other plants. Transplanting arborvitae should always be done in the autumn months. The first step is to dig around the plant and fairly deep.

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