Let's Grow a Garden Together

Hi! We’re Nature Hills Nursery and we’re a group of real people offering really good plants. Really! For over 20 years we’ve been passionate about providing high quality plants you can count on for prices you’ll love.

Wondering how we came to be? Easy! A pair of brothers opened up a local coniferous trees shop back in 2001 with the hope that they’d help home gardeners and landscapers alike add trees to their yard. They quickly realized people were looking for more than just pine trees so they packed up shop, moved online, and as they say, the rest is history.

Over the years, we’ve expanded to offer anything and everything you could want for your landscape. Evergreens, fruit trees, roses, perennials, bushes, bulbs, and more. In fact, we offer over 10,000 items for your home and yard. Now THAT’S the makings of a great garden.

We may be a little larger now, but making sure you have the information to make the best decisions about your garden will always be top priority for us. Send us your questions or give us a call--we can’t wait to help you grow your garden.

At Nature Hills, You Get More!

smart plant and tree care drawing phone

Smart Plant & Tree Care

We want to help keep your plants ever-green. With Smart Plant & Tree Care, load your own plants into a digital garden & receive weekly custom care instructions on your phone!

nursery direct drawing truck

Nursery Direct

We ship directly from the nursery to your doorstep to uphold the quality you deserve. Let our professional growers build the roots & put in the work that sets your garden up for success!

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Plant Sentry™

Every plant from NatureHills.com comes protected by Plant Sentry™ providing you with plants free of invasive pests & diseases. That means plants arrive safe & healthy at your doorstep.

Some of Our Favorite Plants:


Jeff's Favorite - CEO & Co-Founder

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Golden Falls® Weeping Redbud

Rowney's Favorite - President

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Piñón Pine

Vince's Favorite - Chief Technical Officer

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Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree

Bryan & Kyle's Favorite

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Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree

Coli's Favorite - Customer Service Manager

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Tilt-A-Swirl® Hydrangea

Whit's Favorite - Merchandising & Content Manager

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