Drought Tolerant Grasses

Drought Tolerant Grasses

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There are a variety of species of low-watering xeriscape grasses that are appropriate for landscape use. Reducing water usage is very important but do not let that hinder the enhancement and beauty of your landscape. There are numerous drought resistant grasses that can give a distinctive look to a yard by adding texture, height and color. With their clumping graceful plumes, the ornamental or fountain grasses make a wonderful focal point wherever they are planted.

Removing high maintenance lawn grass or water hogging plants, and replacing them with drought tolerant grasses, is one way to conserve water consumption. Check our site to find the large selection of ornamental and lawn grasses that we offer. Choose the ones that will fit your needs and climate--do cool, or warm season grasses work best in your location? And remember, because most grasses are perennials, savings are automatic because they do not need to be replanted each year.

Legacy Buffalo Grass can tolerate heat and shade and will provide your yard with a soft carpet. This lush lawn grass is very durable and drought tolerant. For your landscape, try the short Piglet Fountain Grass. When planted in mass, you will be pleased with the effect, since it provides color all season long. Looking for a taller grass to plant in a grouping, or even in a container? ‘Karley Rose’ displays new blooms all summer long and will show off a spectacular purple in the fall. You will not be disappointed with this very durable and low maintenance grass.