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A large portion of the world’s population may be forced to actively pursue water conservation, even in landscapes. This is due to population growth, water consumption, drought, and landscape issues.  One solution is xeriscape (sometimes called zeroscape), which means growing a plant that is drought tolerant and is still attractive in areas of low rainfall.  The term xeriscape was often used to describe plant survival in arid and semi-arid areas.  It now has a broader meaning because of drought and temperature increases over ever increasing geographical areas.  Xeriscape is the practice of conservation of resources by using plants that require less inputs and less water to conserve the earth’s resources. 

A superb example of xeriscaping would be removing high maintenance, water hogging blue grass, and replacing it with a low water usage product such as buffalo grass.  Buffalo grass survived for centuries in the semi-arid Midwest without any additional moisture provided by man.  Just imagine how hundreds of acres of buffalo grass lawns would allow municipalities to conserve precious water reserves!

The outstanding plants above are beautiful and moisture saving: Remember that these plants will need adequate water during the establishment and for the first full year before you reduce irrigation.