Honeysuckle Vines


Honeysuckle Vines

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Fragrant Honeysuckle Vines at Nature Hills Nursery!

The scent of heaven! Honeysuckle Vines are incredibly easy-to-grow and vibrantly flowered woody perennial Vines that make vertical gardening a snap!


Their vibrant colors, sweet fragrance, and unusual tubular-shaped blooms delight onlookers both young and old! Incredible summer-long displays of whimsical flower clusters and look fantastic in the landscape or the bouquet indoors.

Named for how kids 'back in the day' would be able to suck out the sweet honeyed nectar from the ends of the flowers. That sweet nectar is a valuable resource for your many Pollinators, bees, butterflies, beneficial insects, plus swarms of Hummingbirds that will forever be drawn to your Vines! 

From the dwarf multi-colored Peaches and Cream Honeysuckle Vine, to the dramatically red-flowered Major Wheeler, Honeysuckle Vines have a wide range of flower colors! Mandarin features sunshine yellow and Goldflame has gorgeous pink and gold blooms!

The Kintzley's Ghost Honeysuckle is a truly unique variety with small scented yellow flowers backed by silvery blue-green round bracts and foliage that shines!

Vertical Color & Fragrance!

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When choosing a location for Honeysuckle Vines, there should be a sturdy trellis or fence for them to climb because they climb by twining. Technically known as Bines, rather than Vines, due to this climbing method, which means that they will not be able to climb a surface that does not have anything to twist or wrap themselves around.

For sheer walls and other areas you want Honeysuckle to climb but have no footholds - secure heavy-duty twine, wire, or wire fencing to the area to give the vines something to grab hold of! Because of this method of ascending, there is no need to worry about persistent suckers or tendrils that dig into the wood and your home's paint job is safe as these will not adhere to your siding like Boston Ivy or Trumpet Vines can!

Train to climb up any obelisk, arbor, trellis, fence, or staircase railing you desire, so long as it is strong enough to support these plants at maturity. Train up a lattice wall for privacy, train up and around seating areas, on porches and patios, or even on a sunny balcony! You'll enjoy screening and shade. A flowering vine climbing a staircase or a column of your porch looks and smells divine!

Without strong, suitable support, your Vine will ramble and spill all over the ground, which is great if you want a fragrant, flowering groundcover! Slowing erosion on steep slopes, or transforming a hard-to-mow hillside into a fragrant accent with ease!

Planting Honeysuckle Vines!

Growing Honeysuckle plants can be done in just about every region of the world, as some grow in dry, arid areas, and others will grow in Arctic Russia. Here in the States, Honeysuckle Vines thrive in USDA growing zones 4 and up.

Fall planting season is a great time to plant one of these remarkable and heaven-scented vines! Full sun can bring out the most flowers but many of these Vines can handle partial shade too! The easy-to-grow Hall's Japanese Honeysuckle Vine can even handle full shade!

Growing in any kind of well-drained soil with average to moist soil with average fertility. These vines appreciate mulched beds! Many Honeysuckles are semi to fully evergreen in warm climates but are deciduous woody vines in cooler growing zones.

Blooming on new wood, Honeysuckle Vines can be pruned either in the late winter or early spring, or after flowering. You can hard prune or renewal prune these plants as needed.

Best in areas with good air circulation, these Vines can be drought-tolerant and very resistant to urban environments!

Sweet Climbing Blooms!

Save garden space by growing vertically while perfuming your landscape with the remarkable, vivid, climbing Honeysuckle Vines from NatureHills.com today! You will be glad you included these easy-care plants in your landscape!

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