Flowering Vines


Flowering Vines

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Beautiful Flowering Vines at Nature Hills Nursery

Every good gardener knows that vines are fine — and flowering vines can be even finer. Check out the generous array of flowering vines for sale at Nature Hills Nursery, with striking options to suit your region, landscape and style.

Blue Flowering Vines on HouseWhat Are Flowering Vines?

Flowering vines consist of flowering plants that have a growth habitat of trailing stems or runners. Those stems and runners can be delicate and pliable or tough and woody, depending on the type of vine you choose. The flowers have an even greater variety.

You’ll find flowering vines featuring small blooms, big blooms, tubular blooms and bunches of blooms in colors that range from delicate blue to stand-out red. With varieties suited for different parts of the U.S., you’ll also find vines that thrive in USDA hardiness zones 3 through 11.

Browse the entire collection to get the full wow factor, or narrow your selection with the feature options down the side of the page. Filter flowering vines to align with the right hardiness zone, flower color, bloom period, growth rate, sun exposure or height and spread you need.

Purple Flowering Vines over wallComplement Your Blossoming Vines

Pair your vines with plants and trees suited for your area by using our USDA hardiness zone map or list of plants by state. You can order your plants from Nature Hills Nursery at any time of the year. We’ll only ship once the time is right for planting in your area. All orders are sent with ground shipping and tracking, along with our product guarantee.

Thanks to our use of Plant Sentry, you can rest assured we follow all plant material regulations. We’re also known for leaving a happy trial of satisfied customers across the nation. Family owned and operated since 2001, we’ve become one of the top online nurseries in the U.S.

So go ahead and browse the collection of flowering vines for sale at Nature Hills Nursery. Then place your order today.

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