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Walnut Trees

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Buy Walnut Trees For Shade & Food!

A Walnut tree is in the genus Juglans, Family Juglandaceae, and belongs to any of about 20 species of deciduous hardwood trees.

walnut tree

The native Black Walnut, and its closely related White Walnut (Butternut), and close cousins in the Carya family members like Pecans and Hickory all have delicious nuts, lush shade, and strong and highly prized lumber!

Walnut Trees are among the most versatile hardwoods on Earth! Sculptors and carpenters treasure the timber because of their durability and color! The magnificent, fine, close-grained wood is loved by woodworkers, and furniture makers, and for production into veneer, gunstocks, and musical instruments! 

Walnut Trees At Nature Hills


A mature Walnut tree can reach 100 feet in height with a 40-foot wide canopy spread. Walnut trees have a long life expectancy and come in a wide variety of sizes. Long-lived, these are lasting memorial and legacy trees that will provide grandeur for generations!

This handsome tree is also prized for providing a great deal of shade and attracting wildlife, birds, squirrels, and deer.

The trees have long, large, pleasant-smelling leaves with 5 to 23 short-stalked leaflets; leaves remain green and then turn yellow and fall off the tree in the fall. The trees themselves are fantastic shade and specimen trees, they create a majestic silhouette in the landscape!

The tasty nut is enclosed in a thick husk and provides some of the healthiest nuts on earth. They contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, iron, and antioxidants.

Collecting & Using Walnut Trees

caring for walnut trees

Rake or hand harvest the nuts that fall from the tree when ripe, plus there are rolling nut-harvesting tools available for larger areas. The nuts have three layers. The walnut seed coat is a green husk that will stain fingers and concrete. Use gloves when preparing Walnut harvests.

De-hull the soft green husk using a specialized tool or take them to a processor. Next, wash the furrowed black hulls to remove all traces of the green husk. Then, dry the nuts in-shell outdoors to cure the nut and improve the flavor.

In-shell nuts keep for over a year in the freezer or airtight container. Shelled nuts can be kept in the freezer for two years or sold.

Caring For Walnut Trees

The Walnut Tree likes full sun and you will get the largest crop and strongest growth with a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Plant these trees in well-drained soils and prefer rich, moist loam. Young trees appreciate regular moisture, but older trees are pretty a 3-4 inch deep layer of arborist mulch.

Prune either in late winter to remove broken, crossing, or problematic branching, or in mid-summer to remove excess growth, water growth, and suckers.

  • Full Sun
  • Prune When Dormant
  • Thrives in Acidic & Alkaline Soils
  • Prefers Loam, Moist & Rich Well-Drained Soil
  • Tolerates Wet & Clay Soil

It can take years for a healthy Black Walnut tree to grow from seed, but Nature Hills has done all of the hard work for you! We sell mature trees with root systems already 3-5 years of age! Walnuts typically begin to produce their first crops around 5 to 10 years, and you will be collecting bushels of delicious nuts that store well once they're cured!

Need more of a reason to plant a Walnut Tree?

Plant a Black Walnut nut orchard or larger timber plantation as an investment crop on large properties. The nut is prized for its high quality and is quite often harvested for commercial sale. It's estimated you can achieve 6,000 pounds of nuts per managed acre.

Eastern Black Walnuts have a rich flavor and a protein level that is almost 20 times higher than milk. They are high in edible oil which can be used in cooking or as a wood polish. It's even possible to tap the Eastern Black Walnut in spring to produce syrup.

An acre of Eastern Black Walnut timber produces $100K in revenue when mature in 30 years. Single trees have fetched $20K, so this tree should be seriously considered by hobby farmers and entrepreneurs!

Order Walnut Trees Today!

With its bold look, fascinating history, and value, the Walnut Tree makes a great choice for your landscape!

Your shade garden and lawn trees will become incredible value to you and future generations, but only if you order yours today from Nature Hills!

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