Spruce Trees for Sale: White, Blue and More


Spruce Trees for Sale: White, Blue and More

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Spruce Trees for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

You'll love the impeccable Spruce trees at Nature Hills Nursery! These outstanding evergreen trees are noted for their symmetrical beauty and distinctive colors, making them a dignified landscape asset indeed.

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Botanically known as the genus Picea, there are many species of Spruce trees. They include:

Each type of Spruce tree has many modern cultivars for different garden applications. There are approximately 40 species of Spruce trees, which include tall and dwarf species.

Nature Hills Nursery is always working with top plant breeders to bring new cultivars to market. Shop our selection of Spruce trees for sale any time of year, and we'll ship once the time is right for planting in your area.

When young, ornamental Spruce trees can grow up to 2 feet per year. Spruce trees are hardy and generally very disease-resistant, and their appearance at any age is grand!

Spruces that grow into large trees block the noise and headlights of traffic. Give them room to reach their full mature size on a suburban lot for the best visual effect.

As an example, there are very few plants as striking as the North American native Colorado Spruce (Picea pungens). It looks great year-round but shines especially bright when a white layer of snow is at its base. You'll find large Spruce trees for sale to bring beauty and grace to an expansive space.

On smaller properties, select a smaller cultivar like Baker's Blue Colorado Spruce. They'll bring the structure you crave with a right-sized footprint.

For a distinctive landscape, try a collection of our specialty Spruce trees. Narrow Weeping Bruns Serbian Spruce make incredible specimen trees to use as a focal point in a sunny spot.

What Makes Spruce Tree Needles Stiff and Showy?

Spruce needles are short and stiff, commanding attention in any landscape. These trees are world renowned for their excellent needle retention.

All evergreens do eventually shed their needles, and Spruce trees are no exception. The difference is the amount of time the needles are held on the tree.

With Spruce trees, that cycle lasts for many years. Their short, pointed needles are square when seen in cross-section.

The narrow needles cling for several dormant seasons, which thickens the foliage over time. This trait gives Spruce trees a full and lush appearance.

Large Spruce Trees for Sale: Excellent Screening Plants


Our large Spruce trees for sale make great windbreaks or screening privacy trees because of their dense growth habit. None is denser than the adaptable Black Hills Spruce.

There is perhaps no tree more widely used in windbreaks than the Spruce family. Use a staggered double row for the fastest results.

Spruce resent crowding, so please measure to give enough room. However, in a windbreak or screen, you will want the branches to overlap slightly.

Every product page on our website has a Plant Highlight section with specific growing information. Measuring from trunk to trunk, plant your Spruce trees according to the smallest size listed for mature spread.

Please consider creating a mixed planting, using several varieties. Add Pine, Fir, and Cedar to your windbreak or screen to increase biodiversity and protect your investment from pests and disease.

Plant them perpendicular to your prevailing winds to gentle that fierce wind into a nice breeze. Windbreaks work by lifting the airflow and should be planted 100 to 350 feet away from your home.

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Expert Tips for Designing with Spruce Trees

In an average garden, maximize your Spruce tree with careful site selection. Study those Plant Highlights for the best results.

The goal should be to preserve their statuesque beauty. Take care not to remove their lower limbs for a wonderfully natural look.

Spruce trees need plenty of sunshine to grow and maintain their generous lower limbs. Site them with at least six hours of direct full sun a day, or you'll risk shading them too much.

Spruce trees have a broad, shallow root system; and need well-drained planting soil. Improve your drainage with additional soil in a planting mound.

Near sidewalks and pathways, please space them to achieve the largest size listed under the Mature Spread section. Frankly, these needles do have a point, literally, which means you want to give them an additional 5 feet for a graceful walk to delight your garden guests.

Planting Tips for Spruce Trees

Remember that trees grow out from their central trunk. Mature Spread will come half on one side of the trunk and half on the other.

In addition, Spruce trees have a natural face to consider, or one side that begs to be placed in front. We highly recommend you study your new tree, turning it this way and that to decide which profile you want to place towards your public.

Even if you'll be placing them in a lawn with 360-degree access, it's a good idea to thoughtfully position your trees. A small moment of mindfulness will boost your overall satisfaction and pride of ownership tremendously.

Spruce Trees Versus Pine Trees

A well-appointed landscape relies on evergreens for year-round color. Count on Spruce trees for a symmetrical cone for structure.


In fact, Spruce trees are often cut for indoor Christmas trees. A living Spruce in your yard grows into a natural outdoor Christmas tree and makes a perfect choice for outdoor decorations.

Pine trees offer longer needles, and develop a more organic shape over the years. Combine the two for a study in contrasts.

They work beautifully together on larger properties. Two evergreen trees can create an easy-care landscape in small space gardens.

Dwarf Spruces like Baby Blue Eyes Colorado Blue Spruce would be an incredible accent. Try several in a short row, or repeat them in clusters for a sophisticated look.

Another wonderful dwarf Spruce tree to consider is the Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Its small size, symmetrical appearance, and its bright green color will act as eye candy in any site application.

They can even be kept in large outdoor containers for many years! Try a pair on either side of your front door, and include seasonal plants for a fun pop of color.

Keep Your Spruce Trees Healthy with #ProPlantTips

Sunlight and plenty of air circulation are important to these majestic evergreens. Give your Spruce trees a great place to live for best results. Make sure you have an ideal location before you even start browsing the Spruce trees for sale, as you want to make sure your new tree has a happy home.

Nature Hills Root Booster should be used during planting for life-long benefit. Symbiotic mycorrhizal fungus and other beneficial ingredients support the tiny feeder roots without wearing out.

Keep your young Spruce trees well-hydrated. We do recommend that you provide supplemental water in dry weather.

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Fertilize in early spring, using a specialized evergreen formula or an all-purpose slow-release one. Follow application rates on the label.

There is not much call to prune Spruce trees: use hand clippers to remove wayward branchlets. Please be aware that lower limbs do not grow back once they are headed back to the trunk.

Good tree management is the best way to ensure your Spruces look natural and appealing. They'll become just as pretty as a picture over time.

Don't delay in placing your order: Our spruce trees for sale are in high demand. We've shipped forests of high-quality Spruce trees across the country and will sell out of our yearly inventories.

We even sell little Spruce trees to use as indoor decorations over the holidays.While these little Spruce trees are adorable indoors for several months, note that Spruce trees can't grow indoors indefinitely.

Our horticulture team suggests you use live Spruce trees indoors in a cool place as a party decoration, and keep them hydrated. After a short time only, plant them outside once your festivities are finished.

Enjoy these classic, rugged evergreens in your space this season. There is nothing like a Spruce tree from Nature Hills Nursery to elevate the look of your landscape!