Poplar Trees


Poplar Trees

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Popular Poplar trees are fast-growing ornamental trees with unique fluttering, shiny leaves and some varieties feature gorgeous flowers and incredible fall color!


Poplars are generally loved for their rate of growth - which is amazingly fast! They provide quick shade and fast privacy and are super cold-hardy and easy to grow.

How do you choose the right tree Poplar tree for your specific needs?

There are multitudes of Poplar cultivars to choose from! From the columnar Theves Poplar and Lombardy Poplar to insanely fast-growing Hybrid Poplar trees and stout native Cottonwoods and Quaking Aspen!

Gorgeous bark, vigorous growth, and shiny, waving heart-shaped leaves seem to make all the trees in this family stand out in the sun!

Using Poplar Trees in the Landscape

green poplar

Cottonwoods and Quaking Aspens are Poplar family relatives that are used in landscape applications in cold USDA growing zones! Featuring striking foliage and bark, these natives can grow just about anywhere! These and many other types of Poplar are moisture lovers, so they need ample water in order to grow into a strong, healthy tree. There is even a seedless Cottonwood to avoid any fluffy summer 'snow'. 

These trees are not only utilized for landscaping but are also popular for wetland mitigation and wood pulp production!

For something unique try the Summer Shimmer® Aspen or a delightfully columnar Swedish Columnar Aspen as a unique and space-saving street tree!

Songbirds and wildlife adore these mighty specimen trees! Create long hedgerows, and shelterbelts without the wait, create windbreaks in a hurry, and get fast privacy with the versatile Poplar tree!

The most sought-after variety in the poplar species is the Tulip Poplar, though it technically isn't a real Poplar! What a grand tree for both landscaping and shade! It produces tulip-shaped flowers in the spring that create a profusion of color in yards and landscapes. The unique cat-eared leaves are striking and set Tulip Poplars (actually a type of Magnolia) apart from the others with their heart-shaped leaves.

Provide cooling shade, curb appeal, magnificent specimens, and lawn trees, as well as blooms for pollinators and hummingbirds!

They just need a sunny location with moist, well-drained soil and they're perfectly happy to grow - grow - grow!

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