Pine Trees

Pine Trees

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Pine trees are evergreens with long, needle-shaped leaves. They are widely planted in North America, particularly in northern areas. Pine trees produce cones for propagation of the species. Pines are coniferous trees and there are about 100 or so species of pines world wide. The United States has about 35 species of pines growing mostly in colder climates. Pines are important trees and are valued for their timber and wood pulp production. Pine trees are long lived and typically reach ages of 100 years old or more. Most pine trees prefer full sun exposure and require little or no extra water during their full grown stages.

Pines grow well in acidic soils and require good soil drainage. Pine seeds (from the cones) are commonly eaten by birds and squirrels and the seeds are then spread by these wildlife creatures. Pine trees make attractive ornamental plantings for homeowners and are widely used for windbreaks or privacy screens. Pine trees can look very attractive in the winter landscape. Most pine needles are green and most tend to appear as darker green and thus display a stark contrast against a dull or white winter landscape. Pine trees are also known for their pleasing smell and are commercially used for winter and in home Christmas decorations. The cones, pine boughs, and trees all are distinctive and used as Christmas decorations.