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Live Oak Trees for Sale

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Oak Trees for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

Long-lived Oak trees make magnificent shade trees. These hardwood trees stand strong against nature’s elements, such as wind. You’ll find a fine selection of oak trees for sale at Nature Hills Nursery. Oak trees are an ideal choice for adding valuable shade and color to your yard.

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The scientific name for the Oak tree genus is Quercus. Oaks are hardwood trees that can live well over 500 years.

Many Oak species, such as USDA Organic Scarlet Oak, have gorgeous fall color. This particular Red Oak cultivar is approved by the Audubon Society to support wild birds with both food and shelter.

As a general rule, Oak leaves provide for a longer fall show of colorful fall foliage than other trees. Oak trees also have good winter interest with handsome branching and ridged bark.

Oak tree lumber is valuable for flooring and cabinets. Oak wood is durable, tough, and attractively grained.

You'll never regret choosing an Oak tree to ornament your property. Popular as ever, these sophisticated, enduring classics bring a strong presence to your landscape.

Oak Tree Identification: The Right Oak for Your Landscape


Our extensive online catalog gives you plenty of choices. Learn your USDA plant hardiness zone by typing in your zip code on our Zone Finder above the Plant Highlights on every product page.

We're proud to grow such an amazingly diverse selection of the vast Quercus, or Oak family, which includes several hundred species. Most of them are deciduous, but there are a number of evergreen Oaks.

Grown in southern areas of North America, Southern Live Oak trees are evergreen, and will keep their glossy green leaves all year-long. Give this majestic large tree specimen room to spread into its full glory on a large property.

There are smaller Oak trees, such as the exceptional Overcup OakThe showy, uniform canopy draws eyes, even in the most upscale neighborhoods.

We are always adding more cultivars to our catalog. Columnar Regal Prince® oak trees make a beautiful accent and shade tree on a small lot.

Are Oak Trees Slow or Fast Growing?

Our growers report that young trees in our oak tree nursery are just as fast growing as Maples or Elms. Give them the proper care, and you'll be pleased with your fast-growing Oak trees.

For the fastest Oak tree, plant a Nuttall Oak. This speedy tree is a great choice for wet, acidic soils in the United States.

Read the Plant Highlights on the product page to see what kind of sun exposure your Oak tree needs. Full sun is at least six hours a day; partial shade is between two and four hours of sunlight a day.

Specialty Oak Trees for Wildlife

Oak trees produce acorns once a year in the fall. Mature trees are an important source of food and shelter for wildlife.

Some Oaks begin to produce acorns at age 10, and others do not produce until they are 50 years old. Heavy acorn production may occur only about four out of 10 years.

Oak trees may produce a light crop, or may not produce acorns every year. This is because the trees need to store up energy after a heavy production year.

For a comprehensive, season-long supply of acorns, plant a diversity of speciesWhite Oak (Quercus Alba) is a go-to selection for mast production that wildlife seem to prefer.

On large properties, include our best Oak and trees, like Chickasaw Plum, to create a food forest to feed deer and turkey. Willow Oak acorns are relished by ducks and can tolerate occasionally wet soils.

Sawtooth Oak is one of the best Oak trees for deer. It starts producing acorns as a young tree, and it drops them starting early in the season.

Oakleaf Hydrangea Shrubs Are a Beautiful Mimic

You might be wondering if Oakleaf Hydrangeas are part of the Oak family. These Hydrangeas aren't related to Oak trees; but those familiar with oak tree identification will have to wonder. Their distinctive leaf shape with deep sinuses make them appear to be some kind of flowering Oak bush.

How to Plant an Oak Tree

When you place your online order, we'll hold it until the time is right for planting in your area. Spring and fall are excellent times to plant trees, but you can plant any time of year that the ground is not frozen.

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Track your order once it leaves our oak tree nursery. Open your box right away and water your new Oak tree well.

Prepare a hole with Nature Hills Root Booster. Dig only as deep as the container or bare-root system, but dig the hole twice as wide as the pot.

Add a few handfuls of compost to the backfill soil. Plant your Oak tree, then saturate the ground thoroughly to ensure there are no air pockets around the roots.

Caring for Oak Trees

During the first season, pay close attention to watering. Use the finger test and poke down into the soil near the roots.

If it is moist, skip watering. If it's starting to get dry, drag the hose out and give it a long drink.

Protect your landscape investment with a consistent watering schedule. After the roots are established in your soil, you can periodically saturate the whole area to encourage deep roots.

Fertilize in spring with a formula for trees or good general slow-release formula. Follow application rates on the label.

Prune in late winter while your tree is dormant. Correct the branch structure while your tree is young for best results.

Need help choosing and ordering just the right Oak Tree? Email us at or call our plant experts at (402) 934-8116.

Family owned and operated since 2001, Nature Hills Nursery takes pride in offering the best oak trees for sale on the market. Our online tree nursery lets you easily shop by department feature, find valuable planting and care information, and engage in instant chat with any questions.

You'll love your Oak trees. What a legacy to leave the planet. Order your oak tree from Nature Hills Nursery today.

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