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Maple Trees for Sale

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  1. Autumn Blaze® Maple Zones: 3-8
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Maple Trees for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

No one can overlook the regal Maple (genus Acer), and you’ll find a stunning selection of maple trees for sale at Nature Hills Nursery. We're proud to offer the most popular species of beautiful Maples for sale in the United States. This includes the Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Silver Maple, Japanese Maple, and Black Maples.

brandywine maple

With its dozens of species, some maple tree varieties grow quite tall, while others stay small and compact.

Many types of Maple trees are native to North America and are valued for their shade, wood, sap, and ornamental landscape qualities.

One of their most enduring features is the fall foliage, which turns such beautiful fall colors. Bronze, oranges, yellows, reds, and purples burst out in the fall, creating wonderful landscape views.

Part of the famous fall beauty of the New England states can certainly be attributed to the majestic breeds of Maple trees. Area residents tap the trees for delicious Maple syrup, and you can too.

How Tall do Maple Trees Grow?


Different types of maple trees attain different heights. Filter our Maple tree selection by mature height and spread to view the options that will fit your space. Every product page has Plant Highlights that provide information on Maple tree size.

Create a park-like setting with popular large Maple trees that grow tall and spread wide. They'll anchor your landscape design and play a starring role while providing plenty of shade.

Handsome Red Maple Trees get tall, and so do Norway Maples. Showy Autumn Blaze® Maple develops a rounded canopy and fiery red fall color.

Decorate small lots with a blast of vivid color from our narrow-growing small Maple trees. Columnar Armstrong Maple has a tall, slender form that delivers a bold vertical accent for a designer look.

For a perfectly petite shade tree, the compact Brandywine Maple punches well above its weight without growing too tall or wide. You'll get a lot of compliments on the stunning fall colors that range from orange to red and burgundy.

Vibrant Fall Color: Red Maple Tree for Sale

You’ll find the red Maples for sale on our website, along with many modern cultivars of this strong, outstanding tree. Red Maple roots are well-suited for lawn and street planting, especially if you mulch underneath as a garden feature.

Learn all about Maple root systems here

Learn more about how Tree Roots Interact with pipes, sidewalks, and foundations

Red Maple tree leaves are instantly recognizable, turning brilliant red once the temperatures drop. But this species also looks good all year long, with red flowers and plenty of shelter for songbirds.

Do Maple Trees Grow Fast?

You'll get a great balance of strength and speed with the maple tree. Without a doubt, the fast-growing Silver Maple gets quite large and needs room to spread to appreciate its glistening leaves in their full glory.

Durable Red Maples grow at a medium rate of speed. We highly recommend Nature Hills Root Booster during planting, as it will support the feeder roots in their quest for micronutrients from the soil.

Trust us, root health is important if you want a healthy, speedy shade tree. You also want to give the tree the right planting site to meet its needs, paying attention to sunlight and soil type while ensuring a consistent amount of water.

With proper care, maple trees can grow one to two feet per year. You can also have shade faster by buying the largest container size we have in stock. A bigger number means an older tree that makes an immediate impact in your landscape.

Fast-growing Silver Maples can reach up to 25 feet in 10 years. It may take other selections 15 years to reach 25 feet tall.

No wonder trees are so precious. You'll feel great about your choice to include a Maple on your property, and they look amazing even when young.

Get Less Mess from Seedless Maple Tree Varieties

The distinctive samara fruit of the common Maple is very recognizable. The seeds are winged. You may nickname them whirlybirds for the way they float to the ground.

Today, many cultivars are male trees, so they are seedless. This means less mess and less maintenance for you — although you will miss out on some epic flipping the helicopters contests.

Specialty Maple Trees Work Hard in Your Landscape

Nature Hills Nursery also sells Maple shrubs, such Flame Amur Maple. Keep these as a tree-form as a specimen, or grow several of them out as a large-scale privacy hedge with fragrant white flowers.

Plant a Maple bush hedge eight to 10 feet apart on center. Measure from the center of one plant to the center of the next.

Many smaller trees, such as the breathtaking Japanese Maple trees, are popular as specimen trees in partial shade. Check out our extensive collection here.

Performance Tips on Growing a Maple Tree

Be sure to study the Plant Highlights on our product pages so you can pick a spot that works for your trees. You'll need to know your USDA hardiness zone, which you can find by typing in your zip code in our Zone Finder above the Plant Highlights.

Our extensive collection will grow in a wide range of areas, spanning from zones 3 through 10. Select the right tree for your zone.

Dig a hole only as deep as the root system, but twice as wide. Don't plant your new tree too deep.

The best time to plant a Maple tree is anytime the ground isn't frozen.

Pay close attention to watering if you plant in summer. Maples like a three-inch layer of mulch over their roots to keep them cool, but keep the mulch pulled away so it doesn’t directly touch the stem.

It's possible to plant under Maple trees, especially if you install the underplanting at the same time you plant your tree. Use groundcovers or small, partial-shade perennials. Shrubs like Little Henry® Virginia Sweetspire will give you great results.

As your tree gets older, shape it with strategic pruning cuts. The goal is to encourage a well-balanced canopy.

Trees need good air circulation and sunlight penetration into the canopy. Prune Maples after they leaf out to avoid dripping sap.

Most Maple trees are easy to grow in full sun or partial shade. They are certainly easy to love.

Email us at or call our plant experts at (402) 934-8116 with any questions or with help placing your order. As one of the most beloved trees in our online nursery, it’s tough to go wrong with a stately maple.

Browse the sensational selection of maple trees for sale at Nature Hills Nursery and place your order today.