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Linden Trees for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

Showy Linden trees (Tilia americana) are native to North America; although the Little Leaf (Tilia cordata) is a European native. Don't be surprised to hear them nicknamed Basswood and Lime trees. Linden trees are fragrant and sport a formal shape, and you’ll find a variety of linden trees for sale right here at Nature Hills Nursery.

greenspire linden tree

You only have to smell a blooming Linden tree once to be enamored with the extremely fragrant blooms, which last for several weeks in springtime. Tiny, honey-scented flowers hanging in cymes from the Linden trees smell amazing.

Over the season, these blooms develop into a cluster of small, nut-like seeds with 5-inch-long wings. A mature Linden tree in summer has a two-toned appeal. The dark green foliage on top contrasts keenly with the lighter green nutlets hanging underneath. 

City planners love including erect, pyramidal canopies of Linden trees in their landscape designs. We are thrilled to offer so many modern cultivars of Linden trees for sale.

Make your landscape sing with outstanding Linden shade trees. You'll be proud of your choice, and local butterflies will also appreciate your good taste.

Characteristics of the Best Linden Trees for Sale


Linden trees have a bounty of charming characteristics, making them an ideal choice for yards and gardens everywhere.

Strong Central Trunk and Uniform Branching

Linden trees are easily identified. Look for the near-perfectly symmetrical trees in parks, school yards, and lining city boulevards to find the large-leaved Lindens.

If you crave that shapely canopy in your landscape; try the Greenspire Linden tree. This handsome native tree was bred for its trim and uniform shape.

Both durable and adaptable, Greenspire Linden trees are an excellent choice in urban conditions. Many professional landscapers across the country buy our expertly-grown trees to impress their discerning clients.

The award-winning Greenspire Linden tree is often included on planting lists of the best trees. Buy your most important landscape assets from the growers here at Nature Hills Nursery.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Stately American Sentry Linden trees offer fragrant blossoms for butterflies. But this type of Linden tree is more resistant to Japanese beetles than others.

Native American Sentry Linden trees are adaptable to several soil types as long as they drain well. Once established, they'll tolerate a bit of periodic drought, although we do recommend supplemental water in extended dry conditions.

Tough Enough for Urban Conditions

If you live in the city, Little Leaf Linden is another great bet. As a bonus, this rugged European selection can grow in full sun or partial shade position; give it at least four hours of direct sunlight a day.

Many varieties keep their leaves late into the fall and even stay green after a substantial frost. More than 30 species of Linden trees provide the senses with a wide range of visual and sensory stimulation.

On larger properties, mix Linden trees into your windbreaks. They attract bees and bring a marvelously dense, formal growth habit.

People harvest and dry the fragrant flowers for Linden flower tea. Make money from Basswood honey from Linden trees!

Not only are the Linden tree's blossoms fragrant, but they also entice North American honeybees with their nectar. If you homestead, consider an orchard row of Linden trees from Nature Hills Nursery to support beehives.

People certainly pay a premium price for Basswood honey from gourmet stores and farmer's markets. Backyard beekeeping is a profitable activity on the rise across the country.

Beyond honey production, planting a Linden is definitely a good deed. Linden trees are exceptionally valuable wildlife trees and should be considered as part of a planned food forest.

Linden Trees Bring Beautiful Texture


Gorgeous, gigantic saw-tooth-edged leaves cast a refreshing shade. Add a trio of these trees as a valuable garden feature.

Linden leaves can reach up to eight inches across. This desirable trait adds plenty of texture, but don't forget the cute fruit pods that bring another welcome layer of texture and visual interest.

Plan a secluded outdoor seating area as a destination spot to enjoy viewing the Linden tree leaf. You can study Linden's offset, heart-shaped leaves while rocking in your hammock stand or hammock chair.

Tips to Create a Destination Spot in Your Landscape

Site your Linden tree where you'll be able to see it from indoors, if you can. You'll more than double your enjoyment of these lithe deciduous trees.

Uplight exterior lighting into the canopy of these handsome trees for a nighttime display. The attractive branching looks beautiful when covered in snow, as well.

On large front yards, use a formal pair flanking either side of your front door. Create a grand promenade with an evenly spaced street planting.

With fragrant white flowers, large leaves and light golden-yellow fall color, Redmond Linden trees are an excellent American Linden cultivar. This American basswood tree grows into a perfect cookie-cutter canopy that looks incredible as a shade tree or street tree.

Linden Tree Nursery Planting and Care Tips

The Linden tree features a graceful outline. You shouldn't have to do much pruning to maintain its trim lines.

When siting your trees, please review the Plant Highlights found on every product page. You'll want to consider sun exposure, soil type, water requirements and mature height and spread.

Place your order any time of year, and we'll ship it when the time is right for planting in your growing zone. Track your boxes right to your doorstep.

Linden grows in slightly alkaline well-drained soil. Dig your planting hole twice as wide as the container or bare root ball. However, you don't want to plant it too deep. Keep them at the same level they were growing at in our Linden tree nursery.

Symbiotic Nature Hills Root Booster is a sound investment to support the feeder roots. Baby your landscape trees with this time-tested formula.

Water carefully the first season to get your Linden tree established. Thereafter, please provide extra water when the weather turns hot and dry.

Mulch over the roots to cut down on surface evaporation. A mulched Linden tree couldn't be easier. Just pull the mulch away from touching the trunk by a good 6 inches for proper air circulation.

Linden trees make wonderful lawn and shade trees to enjoy for years with little care. If you see a Linden tree for sale in our nursery that you just can’t live without, order it quickly. The plants from our Linden tree nursery tend to sell out fast. Place your order today at!

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