Flowering Plum Trees


Flowering Plum Trees

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  1. Newport Plum Zones: 4-8
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Level Up Your Landscape With Flowering Plum Trees!

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Plum trees level up any landscaping. Enjoy abundant spring flowers, a sweet fragrance, and unique foliage with our selection of low-maintenance ornamental Flowering Plum trees!

These ornamental Plums are a great addition to most landscapes because of their plentiful choices for flower colors and tree structures. These are fruitless Plum trees but have become popular Flowering and foliage accent trees and are mess-free because they have no dropping fruit!

These trees hold their dramatic foliage color throughout the heat and sun of summer and even display gorgeous fall hues too!

A Range of Plum Tree Varieties

These trees offer gorgeous spring blossoms and serve an ornamental function in the landscape throughout the entire growing season. Many are small-scale flowering accents that work beautifully in any sized courtyard or urban landscape!

  • The purple leaf color of the Thundercloud Plum makes it the perfect tree to bring attention to a yard that lacks luster!
  • If you're looking for something small but showy, the white flowers of the diminutive Princess Kay Plum will certainly brighten up a dull area.
  • For added drama, a Purple Plunge™ Weeping Flowering Plum explodes with pinkish-purple spring blooms that are redolent with sweet perfume and attract copious pollinators! Purple-red foliage shines all summer long, then deepens to a rich purple in the fall before revealing sculptural weeping branches to accent your winter landscape.
  • Krauter Vesuvius Purple Leaf Plum features incredible double blooms!
  • The Purple Pony is a smaller version of the popular Newport Plum
  • The Double Flowering Plum is available as either a large shrub or a small tree-form!

Low-Maintenance Flowering Plum Trees

Growing Flowering Plum trees is both easy and rewarding! Tolerant of full sun and some partial shade locations (especially afternoon shade in the hottest of their favored growing zone range), Plums are cold hardy down to USDA growing zones 2 through 5, and can handle hot hardiness zones up to zones 6,7, or even up to zone 9!

Plant in any well-draining soil with ample moisture during their first season in the ground, and you'll enjoy years of beauty and hardiness! For best results, add a 3-4 inch layer of mulch and annual pruning in the late winter or very early spring. Plum trees should not be planted too close to homes or other trees, as the roots and branches need plenty of room to spread.

Flowering Plum trees are fast-growing, and most flower very early in their life cycle, so the flowers may be enjoyed soon after planting. You'll attract loads of bees and butterflies as they seek out early spring sources of nectar and pollen! They also thrive in a variety of soil types. Many Ornamental Plums will produce very small fruits for wildlife!

These ornamental trees require very little maintenance and are so easy to grow!

The Nature Hills Nursery Guarantee

Take your landscape to the next level by planting Flowering Plum trees from Nature Hills today!

We're committed to delivering the highest quality trees, shrubs, and plants right to your door. We even guarantee our plants for their first year! For more information, click on the Plum tree pictures, check out our support page, or call Nature Hills at (402) 934-8116.

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