Flowering Pear Trees

Flowering Pear Trees

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The Flowering Pear tree category can be identified with several names. These identifiers include Callery pears, fruitless pear trees, ornamental pear trees, and Pyrus calleryana (botanical name).  Regardless of how they are named, there are many reasons for growing these trees. Flowering Pears are easy to grow and care for, they do well in a wide variety of soils, and they put on a flower display that few other trees can match!   Each spring these trees cover themselves in a willowy blanket of white.

Flowering pear trees also display wonderful fall leaf colors and shiny, deep green, attractive leaves in spring and summer. Besides the obvious and beautiful flower display, these trees are often used for screening and shade. Click on the pictures provided by Nature Hills or call 888.864.7663 for more information.