Flowering Pear Trees


Flowering Pear Trees

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  1. Bradford Flowering Pear Tree Zones: 5-9
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  2. Capital Flowering Pear Tree Zones: 5-9
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Gorgeous Springtime Blooms With Flowering Pear Trees!

perks of flowering pear trees

Flowering Pear trees, also known as Callery Pears, are fruitless versions of the edible Pear trees but have either very small or absent fruit - but are all spring flowering beauty!

Each spring, Ornamental Pear trees (Pyrus calleryana), cover themselves in a willowy blanket of white. Flowering Pear trees also display wonderful fall leaf colors and shiny, deep green, attractive leaves in spring and summer.

Once the beautiful flower display fades, these trees are full of lush, shiny green foliage for the remainder of the season, at least until the chill in the air brings out their burnished burgundy fall color that can be accented by touches of burgundy, yellow, orange, and red!

Often used for screening and shade, along with being a popular ornamental tree, these are prime bird-friendly selections as well! Not only as cover but also for the edible fruitlets that songbirds absolutely go crazy for!

Ornamental Flowering Pears at Nature Hills!

Nature Hills has a wide selection of Flowering Pear trees for you to choose from!

The well-known open and rounded form of the Bradford Pear is the gold standard of Flowering Pears and is only outshined by the New Bradford Pear which has increased resistance to fireblight and is known for its drought resistance!

The large and in-charge Aristocrat Flowering Pear creates an impeccable dense and rounded presence in the landscape and is best for large properties and casting cooling shade. You'll love its snowy blooms, and ornamental wavy-edged foliage that turns a deep mix of harvest gold, scarlet red, and wine dark purple in mid to late fall.

Maybe you prefer the upright pyramidal form of the Chanticleer Flowering Pear that fills out in the purest white flower clusters and thornless branches that display reddish-purple fall color! Or you need the slender profiles of the Capital Flowering Pear for gorgeous flowering ornamentals along the street, or standing at attention along your driveway. Small properties and urban lots rejoice since either of these nearly columnar trees are perfect for home landscaping without sacrificing space!

The Flowering Pear is a great choice for urban gardens and will bring natural beauty to the cityscape! Pollinators go mad for the blooms that stand out from the rest of the yellow and pink colors so usually predominant in the spring landscape!

Easy-Care Flowering Pears!

flowering pear foliage

Flowering Pear Trees are easy to grow and care for!

For the best flowering, these ornamental trees need full sun locations with good air circulation and aren't in a low-lying area that collects cold air pockets, potentially freezing off the spring buds. Plant your Flowering Pear in a wide variety of soils so long as it is well-drained, and they put on a flower display that few other trees can match!

Prune in the late winter or early spring to maintain size and shape, and to keep an open canopy for air and sunlight penetration. You can remove water growth and suckers at any time.

Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 4 to 5 and up to 8 to 9, these trees handle a wide range of environments! They are adapted to hot and dry conditions, withstand air pollution, and are resistant to fire blight, pests, and other common diseases. 

Order Flowering Pear Trees At Nature Hills Today!

Make your spring that much sweeter with a Flowering Pear tree from Nature Hills Nursery today!

In some locations, birds help spread the seeds and these seedlings do a little too well where they fall. Nature Hills guarantees your environment's safety by using Plant Sentry™ to ensure we are adhering to all State and Federal Agricultural laws and regulations. Simply add your zip code to the Plant Highlights section of your plant selection and you'll know if we are able to safely ship a Flowering Pear to you!

We're committed to delivering the highest quality trees, shrubs, and plants right to your door. We even guarantee our plants for their first year! For more information, click on the Flowering Pear tree pictures, check out our support page, or call Nature Hills at (402) 934-8116.

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