Elm Trees

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Elm Trees

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Elm trees were one of the "go to" trees for lawn shade in years past, then Dutch Elm Disease virtually decimated the American Elm in many areas. The elms have a reputation for being hardy and to survive in tough locations. There are now many elms that have been cultivated and have a resistance to Dutch Elm Disease.  Some of these are: Lacebark Elm, Frontier Elm, and the New Horizon Elm. The American Elm is slowly making a comeback. It is a shade tree that thrives in very tough soil, even soils with a wide range of Ph levels, and survives a variety of weather conditions. Be aware that there are several common names for (Ulmus americana) such as, Water Elm, White Elm, and Common Elm

Elm trees are dense, fast growing, and some are quite disease resistant. They are easy to maintain and are long-lived; some reported be over 300 years old!  For smaller landscapes try planting the Frontier Elm and enjoy the beauty of its stunning fall colors. Elms usually need very little trimming (low maintenance), but if needed, they can tolerate a severe pruning.